April Showers Bring Springtime Flowers!

Springtime Flowers

By Rachelle Siegrist

swallowtail on azeleaA gorgeous Swallowtail on one of our many Azaleas

Spring is officially here . . . as there are butterflies flitting about in the yard! Many things are blooming now, adding more vibrant splashes of color to the landscape. Just in the past two days, the azaleas are springing to life while starting to bloom and will be dressed in full splendor quite soon. Wes’ little greenhouse, perfect for sprouting seeds, is now full and the baby plants are doing well.

siegrist miniature greenhouseWe’re also trying something new this year, which is growing things in bales of straw, with potting soil placed in the center of them. This should help with the serious vole problem we continue to have in our yard and garden area.

growing garden plants in straw balesIt’s quite exciting to take daily walks through the gardens to see what new additions are blooming each day. The Creeping Phlox is starting to turn a delightful bold pink, while filling the air with their delicate fragrant scent, and the Dogwoods are now blooming, both pink and white.

dogwood blossoms in the smokies

Creeping PhloxMy Lenten Rose finally bloomed this year . . . three times to be exact!  I was thrilled since I’ve been waiting for it to do so for a couple of years.  In the poor flower’s defense, bunny seems to find it quite tasty, reducing it to a couple of leaves usually, but decided to leave it be this year, and so it rewarded us by blooming!

lenten rose blossomThere are several of the native wildflowers also blooming in the gardens, such as various Trillium, Rue Anemone and the Wild Geraniums are just starting to open up.

Rue AnemoneThe delicate white flowers of Rue Anemone

yellow trilliumA gorgeous grouping of Yellow Trillium

Wes has been busily working on several projects around the house this past week, as well as framing replacement paintings which will go into our Exquisite Miniatures tour, and the dreadful task of preparing our tax return. The biggest job was lowering the front of the deck a tad, to help the water drain off like it should, so as to not form ice in the winter.

wes siegrist working on porchOur Raspberry and Blackberry bushes are all growing nicely now, and the Blueberries are starting to bloom, bringing the hopes of lots of tasty berries to be enjoyed this summer!

blueberry blossoms~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Wes finished his painting of a Bison this past week, which we photographed during one of our fun visits out west.  I’m continuing to work on several remaining dog portrait commissions.

Bison painting by_Wes_Siegrist
                                                               “Lord of the Plains” by Wes

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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