“Petey” a Dog Painting Commission

Petey’s Painting and His Touching Story!

By Rachelle Siegrist

Wirehaired Dachshund painting by rachelle siegrist


He’s a smooth-coated Wirehaired Dachshund, and his name is Petey. Not only is he totally adorable, but he has an amazing story as well! At one year old, his owners got him sight unseen from DARE, also known as Dachshund Adoption Rescue and Education. Living quite happily at his new home for the next 3 years, at age 4, Petey started limping, and after a visit to their local vet, a nerve sheath tumor was discovered at the top of his spine. After repeatedly seeing their local vet, they took him to the vet specialists who diagnosed his cancer, but unfortunately only gave him 6 weeks to live.

Wirehaired Dachshund painting in progress by rachell siegrist“Petey” with the first washes painted in

Finding this unacceptable, they decided to take him to the University of Florida, where vets worked aggressively on Petey to save his life! The specialist vet was able to remove the tumor, but also had to remove the leg and shoulder nearby. Not to worry though, as Petey with his zest for life, handled it terrifically and was soon able to get around just fine! The surgery was followed by three weeks of radiation, which involved Petey’s owners taking turns to stay near the facility where the radiation was being administered. So during the day he enjoyed being taken for walks and rides where his favorite daily treat became ice cream!

Wirehaired Dachshund photoEnjoying his ice cream!

Petey lived several years carefree while doing just great, then the cancer was diagnosed again this year. So they returned once more to the University of Florida, where he was operated on, but they were unable to remove the tumor due to excessive bleeding. However, three weeks of radiation followed, which was done at the specialists on daily visits, and hopefully arrested the growth of the tumor.

Dachshund riding boatEnjoying a boat ride with friend Spanky

Petey is now 14 ½ years old, and even though he has two herniated discs, which constrict his ability to jump up onto beds and furniture easily, he is doing great! He absolutely loves riding on the boat, and is usually accompanied by his buddy Spanky. Spanky, half-doxie and half-pekingese, is another precious rescue dog, who is over 16 years old now and was also recently diagnosed with cancer of the adrenal glands, but amazingly is doing well and also enjoys boat riding. Petey loves dining at his favorite restaurant, where he always orders the same thing . . . sliders! And of course afterwards his favorite treat is . . . you guessed it . . . ice cream! Petey’s family recommends that if you’re seeking a furry companion, to please look to the many rescue centers to find that perfect friend!

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6 thoughts on ““Petey” a Dog Painting Commission

  1. Irish

    I love how Petey’s humans have gone the extra mile for Petey, and his “brother”, Spanky–just as they would have done had these two wonderful dogs been human children! Their level of dedication is inspirational, and I hope that the kind of people who say, “It’s just a dog”, will find it in their hearts and souls to realize that there is no such thing as “just” a dog. I am fully convinced that dogs are God’s gift to humans. Dogs give to us the kind of love, loyalty, and ability to enjoy life NOW that we humans could learn a good deal from. Dogs lead by example, and their example is divine.

    I salute Petey and Spanky’s humans. There is undoubtedly a special place in Heaven waiting for you–and you can be sure that Petey and Spanky will be right there to greet you on your arrival :-).

    Thank you for sharing this uplifting story. The painting is beautiful, and I’m sure that Petey’s humans will treasure it.

    1. Irish,
      Yes Petey, Spanky and all of their many other furry and feathered friends are truly blessed to be a part of this wonderful couples lives!! They treat them all as part of their family, which is a quite extensive one at that, as they love and have so many critters! We love getting their Christmas card each year, which lists by name each and every member, from all of the rescue dogs and birds to the miniature horses!

      I found Petey’s story very touching, thus I had to share it with everyone. It made it even more fun and special to paint this precious one! I too believe that dogs, as well as all animals are a gift from God to us, to bring joy and delight to our daily lives!

      Thank you for appreciating Petey’s story and the effort and caring nature of his owners!

      Rachelle 🙂

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