Lots of Color Everywhere!

Spring Flowers

By Rachelle Siegrist

azaleas in bloomOkay I admit it . . . I don’t adapt well to change, and we all know that in this present techno-age, things are constantly changing.  For example,the photo program on our laptop. A recent update changed it completely . . . yet again. Just when yours truly finally learned how to work with the older version, it all changed. Needless to say, I’ve just spent quadruple the amount of time working on the photos for my blog. But alas I will eventually learn how to work with the new version, then it will all change . . .  yet again.

Siegrist secret gardenWell enough about that, let’s talk about happy things now, like colors. The yard is filled with them, thanks to our numerous azaleas now in full bloom, and the tiny spring green leaves covering the trees! Even with the kooky spring weather, that is about as stable as an elephant on a tightrope, the flowers are still happily and profusely blooming. Every day brings more open blossoms in various colors, bringing the landscape to life!

pink azalea bloomThe ever changing weather and temps keep Wes quite busy with opening and closing the vented top on his small green house and moving the smallest one around, adjusting its location according to the amount of sun, or lack thereof. The tiny seedlings are taking off and growing by leaps and bounds each day! Before we know it, we’ll be eating the tender green leaves of our kale. The bumble and honeybees fill the yard each day with the buzzing sound of their activity. We have at least a couple of hummingbirds already as well, that zoom quickly through the air, fighting over the feeders and limited nectar available in the flowers right now.

Bumble Bee on Lily BloomBesides flowers, the yard is also filled with birds, lots of them, singing their beautiful spring songs, building nests and performing courtship rituals. We watched something this past week, which we had never seen before.  A male Cardinal was flitting and vibrating his wing up and down at a rapid rate of speed, while he watched and sang to the female nearby. It was quite impressive to say the least, but unfortunately not enough to attract the female’s attention, as all she wanted to do was eat! However, we were most impressed with his performance! We have also enjoyed having a male Scarlet Tanager as well as a Yellow-Breasted Chat visit our yard recently. Both completely gorgeous and sporting their own unique, brightly colored feathers! Moreover, Tinymouse our little Titmouse friend, came and sat on my head while trying her hardest to extract some of my hairs for her nest throughout one of our suppers on the porch, which always makes it fun and interesting!

Yellow-Breasted ChatBesides us both painting, keeping a keen eye on the greenhouses, and watching the flowers bloom, Wes in particular, has been working on getting our 65 paintings for our Exquisite Miniatures tour, carefully packed up and ready to ship to The Albany Museum of Art, in Albany, GA. They are currently all safely wrapped, packed into their wooden crates and loaded into our van, and we’ll be shipping them south tomorrow. With this task completed, Wes happily returned to his easel this afternoon once again. We also celebrated our dear friend Fred’s birthday one evening this past week, with dinner at Pizza Hut, followed by a game of dominoes and my homemade chocolate cake topped with caramel glaze and caramel butter cream frosting . . . YUM!

swallowtail on azalea bloom

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

I finished my painting of our dear artist friend Susan Labouri’s precious Carin Terrier, Tazzi this past week.   He made the perfect model for my painting “The Toto Impersonator” for an upcoming show at  the Lovetts Gallery in Tulsa, OK.  It’s a show showcasing small works with a Wizard of Oz theme, hence the name, The Lollipop Guild.

Carin Terrier dog painting_by_Rachelle_Siegrist1
                                                           “The Toto Impersonator” by Rachelle

Wes finished his painting of one of our own Lily of the Valleys blooming after an early morning rain, this past week.

Lily of the Valley painting by wes siegrist
            “Lily of the Valley with Raindrops” by Wes

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Until next time . . .


2 thoughts on “Lots of Color Everywhere!

  1. Don Weiser

    Lordy Lordy you’re house is surrounded by beauty! What colors!! Is that St. Francis? Thanks for sharing. The paintings are lovely too! Don


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