Paintings Looking To Be Loved!

Siegrist Miniature Paintings At Shows

By Wes Siegrist

Siegrist Miniature Paintings in the 24th Masterworks in Miniature 2015 at Gallery One in Mentor, OHView Gallery One’s Masterworks in Miniature Online Here

We recently have sent out over eighty paintings to various shows.  (We regret we had to skip some we’ve done for years due to the lack of immediately available work new to these shows.) Most of the paintings we shipped out were part of our EXQUISITE MINIATURES tour at the Albany Museum of Art but we’ve also sent to miniature shows in galleries in Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.  These group shows can all be viewed online with all of our paintings hoping to be acquired by loving patrons.  We get very excited when paintings go home with collectors both new and existing.  While knowing the bills are paid is a relief the real excitement comes from realizing we get to paint something new to replace the sold works!  We have so many planned paintings … the truth is, we’ll be lucky to finish half of them in our lifetime, even as prolific as we are at our easels.  Seems we keep getting inspired on a daily basis so the ideas keep growing faster than our paint can dry!

Siegrist paintings at Seaside Art Gallery 2015

View Seaside Art Gallery’s 24th Annual International Miniature Art Show Here

Siegrist paintings at Snow Goose Gallery 2015

View the Snow Goose Gallery’s Art of the Miniature XXIII Here

We also have paintings still on display at the National Sporting Museum & Library in Middleburg, VA and the Dane G. Hansen Museum in Logan, KS.  See our full exhibit schedule for these and other upcoming shows.

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~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Male African Lion painting by Rachelle Siegrist
“Courage” by Rachelle Siegrist

Rachelle finished her painting of a lion this week that will be heading to Lovetts Gallery soon for their upcoming miniature show.  She also sent off two more dog portrait commissions and hopes to be able to share them soon.  I started another Tandem Treasure that we’ll both be working on to complete and we’ll share it later.  I also started four new paintings and since they’ve been requested for consideration by a collector as a set, I did all the basic backgrounds simultaneously.  The photo here shows them after I started working individually on some.  We sometimes use a hairdryer to speed drying but prefer to let the watercolors dry on their own with washes especially when doing wet into wet techniques.  These four paintings stayed wet for hours as I (aka the painting machine) tweaked one and then the other.

Wes Siegrist fish paintings in progress
You can enlarge this photo to see the paintings a bit better.

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