Mountain Laurel Blossoms and Spruce Flats Falls

Mountain Laurel Blossoms by Spruce Flats

By Rachelle Siegrist

mountain laurel blossoms along spruce flats falls

Needing to visit my beloved Spruce flats Falls, I convinced Wes one afternoon this past week that we really should take a break to hike to it. Knowing that the Mountain Laurels have been blooming in our area for the past week, I was concerned that we may miss them if we waited much longer to go hike there. Even though they were definitely past prime and many on their way out, several were still blooming quite lovely and covered in their little white flowers.

mountain laurel blooms on spruce flats falls trail

Even though it is currently extremely dry here, as well as along the trail leading to the falls, the falls were spilling over and thundering down gloriously! We decided it had certainly rained up in the Park somewhere, thus feeding the falls. Thankfully, we had it all to ourselves and within minutes of arriving, a big, fat, white cloud released the sun, flooding the falling water and deep green pool below with light, adding to the already majestic water scape!

rachelle siegrist and spruce flats falls 2015 may

During these warmer months I simply cannot resist wading and playing in the water, albeit still quite cold! I walked as close as I dare to the falls, enjoying a light misty shower, and deciding next time I will don my swimsuit under hiking clothes, be brave and get underneath it, as that’s something I’ve always wanted to do!

rachelle siegrist spruce flats falls may 2015

Then Wes and I sat on our favorite rock near the base of the falls and watched as small fish swam about and Water Striders occasionally came near, appearing as if they were doing some sort of jumping jacks with all four legs, while the little pockets of air at the base of their feet kept them afloat. Relaxingly sitting by the falls, watching and listening to it’s thunderous roar, I could feel my spirits lift and lift until by the time we left, they were flying sky high! Descending back along the trail, we enjoyed seeing the delicate white blossoms of the Mountain Laurel once again, with myself stopping numerous times to . . . “stop and smell the flowers”!  Having enjoyed several beautiful vistas from the trail as well, we all too soon found ourselves back at the trailhead.

view fromSpruce Flats falls trail 2015

Memorial Day we enjoyed a wonderful time at our annual neighborhood picnic! There was lots of great conversation, laughter and of course food! I have to admit the highlight for me was the two containers of homemade ice cream, one vanilla and the other strawberry, graciously brought by our neighbors! We all talked about fishing, kayaking, hiking and mostly other fun outdoor adventures some of us have been doing.

wes and rachelle siegrist memorial day 2015

That evening Wes and I decided to take advantage of the lovely weather and grill out for supper. While we were waiting for the fire to burn down, I decided it was time we took our 1st selfie together, so I tried to get Wes, the fire and myself in the photo with our iPad. As you can see in the photo above, it didn’t work out quite as planned, but when I saw how it looked as if some strange dude had photo-bombed my selfie, I had to laugh out loud! After our yummy supper, we went for a nice walk, bringing a lovely day to an end.

wes siegrist grilling

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Our latest Tandem Treasures painting is a piece titled “Life Imitates Art”.  One of our favorite sculptures is Rodin’s “The Kiss” and is featured prominently behind us.  My Granny had a beautiful ceramic piece of “The Kiss” which she had done, and displayed in her formal living room.  Having grown up admiring it, as well as a few others which she had recreated in ceramic, helped establish my love of fine art, thus making this painting very special.  There are several more very important reasons that this painting is extra special!  Read about it on our upcoming email newsletter.  If you aren’t already signed up for them, you can sign up below!

Wes Siegrist Painting Life Imitates ArtThis photo of Wes painting on “Life Imitates Art” and it is a wonderful way to show the scale of this miniature masterpiece!

                                           “Life Imitates Art by Wes and Rachelle” by Wes and Rachelle

 I finished my latest dog commission this past week of a very special and precious little girl named Dottie.  She’s a rescue dog and a real sweetie, and I so enjoyed becoming her friend while visiting her family, some of our dear friends! Currently on my easel is another dog commission of two adorable Wirehaired Dachshunds.

commission dog portrait painting by Rachelle Siegrist
                                                                 “Darling Dottie” by Rachelle

Wes has continued painting a few more paintings featuring different species of fish, thus adding to his colorful fish collection.

                                                                        “Banggai Cardinal Fish” by Wes
                                                         “Clownfish With Bubble Sea Anemone” by Wes

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

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