Come . . . Take a Walk With Me!

Walking Whilst Nestled by the Smokies

By Rachelle Siegrist

tremont smoky mountains national park

Occasionally I take a walk in the evenings alone, and did just that one beautiful evening this past week. A coolness had returned to the air, encouraged by a gentle breeze, as I began my short journey. Numerous bunnies adorned grassy fields in our neighborhood, and I happily watched their twitching noses topping small mouths, munching tender blades of grass. A short distance later, I passed a lovely old barn with a large section of patchwork quit painted on its side, denoting its part in the Appalachian Quilt Trail,  proudly resting atop a grassy hill surrounded by pastureland.

After passing a section of woods the Indigo Buntings inhabit, while filling the air with their beautiful song, I began ascending an uphill section of my walk.  I came alongside a hilltop cemetery perched against the backdrop of lush, green pasture leading to the base of mountains in the distance. As I admired the serene setting, I noticed an older gentleman, dressed in blue jeans and a western shirt. He stood quietly at a flower-adorned grave site, one arm hanging down at his side, with glasses in hand. The other hand raised to his eyes, with head bowed. I couldn’t help but wonder who this poor gentleman was missing, perhaps his wife or someone else who had played an important in his life. I quietly passed him by while saying a quiet prayer of thanks for the special people who are still here with me!

Next I passed a small herd of cattle contentedly enjoying a newly acquired section of pasture filled with lush green grass, all swatting pesky flies with their tails in unison.  Before long I heard the familiar “tweet” from my Cockatiel friend, who spends much of his time in a large cage on the screen porch of a small mom and pop hotel. We always exchange pleasantries as I pass by, even though I have no idea what we’re saying, as we whistle back and forth across the road, until I fade out of sight.

In no time, I had come to the location where a pair of groundhogs live, with one entrance to their underground lodging on one side of the bike path and another on the opposite side. One of them curiously watched me as I slowly drew closer and looked at me as if he were going to start talking to me, telling me of the latest news that day! Sometimes the pair are by a playhouse nearby, which resembles Noah’s Ark, appearing as if they inhabit and are playing on this wooden fortress.

Leaving them I soon arrived at a place where a small flock of Canada Geese usually hang out in the Little River, enjoying a large, deep pool formed by a dam. It’s always a treat to watch them fly overhead and moreover a treat, when the Bald Eagles nesting in our area, fly overhead! Before long it was time to turn around and make my way back home. By this time, the friendly groundhogs had gone into their dwelling below, my Cockatiel buddy and I exchanged our last tweets of the day, and the gentleman was no longer at the cemetery. The old barn looked even more picturesque perched proudly atop its lush green hill, with the setting sun lighting it up as if a spotlight were shining directly on it. The dark green mountains behind, backed by a luminescent light blue sky, made the scene almost appear surreal, causing a smile to spread across my face.

Well . . . I sure hope you enjoyed our little walk!

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

While I’m finishing up my latest dog portrait commission of two very adorable little girls, Wes finished a couple more miniature paintings which will be part of his saltwater fish series.  The group thus far, is featured in the photo below.

Flame_Angel_fish painting by_Wes_Siegrist1
                                                                                      “Flame Angel” by Wes
Wes Siegrist tropical fish series of paintings
                                                               Wes’ series of Saltwater fish paintings

Excitedly, we have recently added another fun way for you to enjoy a few of our older and very popular miniature paintings images.  These delightful images can be purchased as pillows, tote bags or phone covers, and can easily be done by clicking on the image below, which will take you to the website.

beagle dog pillow, beagle dog tote bag, beagle dog phone case, golden retriever pillow, golden retriever tote bag, golden retriever phone case, pig pillow, pig tote bag, pig phone case

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Until next time . . .



4 thoughts on “Come . . . Take a Walk With Me!

  1. Don Weiser

    Hi Folks, Enjoyed the walk, the new saltwater fish paintings and think the new way to own some Siegrist paintings are a great idea!!! Don


    1. Hey Don,
      Glad you enjoyed the walk and like the new fish paintings! Yes, we’re thinking these would be another nice way for people to own a Siegrist image! Your White Squirrels would do nice as such, as well!
      Rachelle 🙂

  2. Laila Quigley

    It has been a while since I took that walk in real time, but I was with you every step of the way in my head. Follow your website religiously and am thrilled by your success and treasure the paintings I have of yours and the memories
    of times shared.

    1. Hi Laila,
      It’s so great to hear from you!!! Yes, it has been too long since you’ve been here to visit, but I’m so glad you enjoyed taking the walk through written word! Thank you so much, and we sure enjoy our Sandhill Crane photo of yours 🙂

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