Visiting Wes’ Family

A Visit With Wes’ Family

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist indiana state parksMe, George, Jeanie, Tony and Karen

We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Wes’ parents in Southern Indiana last weekend, and arrived there Friday a week ago, in time to go to Rural King to try and get peanuts for my critters. Unfortunately they were out of them, and I was crushed,  however, thankfully George had a small bag left and graciously gave it to me! Saturday, Wes’ brother Tony and wife Karen, joined us for the day, and we enjoyed spending the afternoon at a couple different woodland parks. The first park had a lovely small lake, and we were delighted to find several baby tree frogs jumping about!

baby toad

After watching the preening ducks, looking for more baby frogs, and gathering a handful of discarded fishing line scattered about the lake’s edge, we headed for our next destination. We spent the remainder of the afternoon exploring the Park Lands of Floyds Fork. It’s a new park, which is still being constructed, and offers a variety of things to do and see. We particularly enjoyed walking through a wildflower filled meadow near the wetlands area.

wes rachelle siegrist at the park lands of floyds park

After a yummy supper later at Chipotles, it was a perfect evening for a walk across the recently finished Big Four Bridge connecting Louisville, KY to Jeffersonville, IN. It was a pleasant, casual walk up the gradually rising ramp and across the bridge watching as barges slowly passed underneath. One brave kayaker was even out enjoying a paddle in the high water of the Ohio River! Once across, we sat for awhile and watched the bridge lights changing colors, thus casting a soft colored glow on the water’s surface below, creating a most enchanting scene.

the BIg Four Bridge in Louisville KY

The next afternoon I finally got to go see Jurassic World, which I had greatly been anticipating! Being a huge fan of the earlier Jurassic Park movies, I too enjoyed this one. I must say however, I was greatly saddened by how many dinosaurs died in this one! Even all but one of the poor Veleciraptors were killed, that was just too much for me. So even though I thought it was good, in my opinion the first two in the series are still the best! That evening we were joined by Wes’ brother Greg and his family at his parents’ house for a pizza supper.

rachelle and wes siegrist at the louisvilel zoo

Monday morning, we headed to the Louisville Zoo which is always a fun adventure! Even with the warmer weather animals were out and about, as we walked around stopping to admire and watch them. While watching the Lemurs, a family with a small boy walked up and when asked “Who is that?” by his parents, he quickly replied . . . “It’s King Julian!” I found this most adorable, and wondered how many times the lemur had been called King Julian in his lifetime there at the zoo!

rachelle siegrist watching lemers Louisville zoo 6.15 - 6

Soon we arrived at another favorite of mine, the Meerkat enclosure! I never tire of watching these most adorable and busy little cuties, as they take turns playing and being the scout while watching the sky for danger. However, the heat had caused the one in charge that day to become very sleepy, and as the poor thing stood there trying to keep watch, his little head kept bobbing forward and at times he even fell sideways! The others paid this tireless scout no attention, but happily kept playing while rolling around and chewing on one another! I could’ve stood there all day watching them,  while dreaming of the chance of being able to sit in there and my lap be filled with them!

cute meerkat photo

After lunch we visited the Polar Bear and watched as it swam almost continually trying to keep cool!

polar bear at the louisvilee zoo

Wes and his parents watch the huge Polar Bear swimming, and I must admit that he made the water look very inviting!

wes siegrist at Louisville zoo

The rest of the afternoon was spent in the different aviaries and checking out the inhabitants of the HerpAquarium. All along our meandering walk throughout the zoo, we were treated to 23 wonderful Lego sculptures featuring different birds and critters by artist Sean Kenney. From a large spider to a beautiful life-like peacock, they were simply delightful, and were a nice bonus on top of seeing the real critters that day! Here are a few of Sean’s wonderful sculptures created with thousands of Legos for you to enjoy . . .

sean kenney's lego butterfly

sean kenney's lego peacock

rachelle siegrist with sean kenney's dragin fly lego sculpture

Rachelle with lego deer at louisvilel zoo

sean kenney's lego spider

Of course no visit to the zoo is ever complete with myself visiting the petting zoo, with each precious animal having to be petted and loved on!

rachelle siegrist at the petting zoo

It was a great day at the zoo indeed! Later that evening, George and I enjoyed a most relaxing bike ride all around their neighborhood. Afterwards, back at the house, Greg joined us for dessert, where we all sat around for a couple of hours telling stories and laughing!

We returned to our home here in the Smokies, last Tuesday afternoon, and it was time to get back to work again. However, with temps in the low 90s, we took advantage of the warm weather for a bit of “Hillbilly tubing” one afternoon. What’s that you ask . . . well, it’s where you lay belly down on an inner tube, wearing a mask and snorkel, and float along the river with your face down in the water. With the frigid water temps, that’s the only “mostly” painless way to snorkel here! It’s truly amazing to watch as the trout, bass, Red Horse and other fish swim amidst the rock lined river bottom below, and time always seems to stand still when I’m enjoying this favorite past time!

rachelle siegrist hillbilly snorkeling in tremont

~ ————— Ω ————— ~

~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

Wes finished his miniature landscape painting of a peaceful scene here in the Smokies, as well as one of a beautiful goat we visited in one of the petting zoos.

smoky mountain landscape paintingby_Wes_Siegrist
                                                           “An Inspired Setting” by Wes
miniature goat painting_by_Wes_Siegrist
                                                   “Barnyard Beauty Queen” by Wes

I finished my painting of one of my precious furry friends, a Golden retriever named J.T., enjoying one of the numerous tummy rubs I use to give him!

golden retriever dog painting by Rachelle_Siegrist
                                                        “Tummy Rub Time” by Rachelle

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Until next time . . .


2 thoughts on “Visiting Wes’ Family

  1. Don Weiser

    Hi, Enjoyed the blog today. Love the baby frog pic. Who doesn’t like the Meerkats? 🙂 Poor Meerkat, sounds like me around 8 p.m. What a beautiful cooler drier day today! We all enjoyed the sunroom again as it’s been too hot & muggy recently. Wow, the Lego creatures are amazing! Very nice paintings! And very happy to say I had a hungry Whitey (not 2-fer) come up on the deck and eat and eat and eat both peanuts and sunflower seeds!! D


    1. Hey D,
      So glad you enjoyed the blog, we had a very nice visit! I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Meerkats, now that you say that . . . and LOL about you at 8PM 🙂 Yes, isn’t today just gorgeous!!! That’s great that Whitey came and with a hearty appetite at that! Peeps is eating me out of worms!

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