Siegrist Miniature Paintings and Exhibitions

Our Latest Paintings and Upcoming Exhibitions

By Wes Siegrist

We’re enjoying summer and managing to also have a lot of fun recently at our easels!  While many of our latest works have been commissions, we’re featuring on the blog today several that are available for adding to collections.  This is the time of year we focus on building up new inventory for fall shows.  Particularly, the Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD and the Plantation Wildlife Arts Festival in Thomasville, GA where we’ll be returning again this November.
Siegrist From Big to Small Presentation

This weekend, we’re at the Albany Museum of Art in Albany, GA for a closing reception of our touring exhibition, EXQUISITE MINIATURES.  Since we may not be able to share while there, we decided to write this blog post beforehand and schedule it to go live on Sunday (today if all went well!).  If you’re in the area, I’ll be giving a short PowerPoint presentation on our career history over the past 29 years around 4PM this afternoon.  It’s a photographic journey of our career highlights and how we got into doing miniatures.  We’ll also be in the museum gallery discussing our fifty paintings on display with the public.

And now, our paintings we’ve completed over the past month or so …

The Irresistible Mud Hole miniature painting of a baby elephant by Wes Siegrist
“The Irresistible Mud Hole” by Wes
Bovine Beauty Queen miniature painting of an Angus Cow by Rachelle Siegrist
“Bovine Beauty Queen” by Rachelle


Royal Terns At Lovers Key miniature painting by Wes Siegrist
“Royal Terns At Lovers Key” by Wes
Sanibel Island Lighthouse miniature painting by Rachelle Siegrist
“Sanibel Island Lighthouse” by Rachelle
“Stilt Nest At Sunset” by Wes

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Rachelle Siegrist AAEA Exhibition
Great News for Rachelle!  Two of her miniature paintings will be in this prestigious exhibition!

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