Displaying Miniature Paintings

Displaying Miniature Paintings

By Wes Siegrist

Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
End tables, desks and shelves are common places to display miniature paintings with a magnifier beside them for viewers’ delight!

This blog features a variety of displays with miniature art. Most feature our paintings but a few show our own collection of works by fellow artists. ~ Special thanks to our collectors who shared their displays with us!

Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Inside lighted cabinets and in the midst of other collections … the size of miniatures affords flexible options!

How do you display miniature art? Something so small will go almost anywhere but yet, you want it to be seen. For most collectors of miniature paintings, you also want to share the excitement of examining the works under a magnifier with guests,  so being able to get really close to them is also important.  Many collectors tell us how they enjoy picking up their miniatures and examining them with their magnifiers while seated in their comfy chair!

Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Small rooms and hallways make great cozy spots for spending time enjoying a collection of miniatures! Large walk-in closets are also places to proudly display a few that you wish to see each and every day!
Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Groupings of paintings can also “stand alone” with larger work. (That’s one of Wes’ conventional scale watercolors on the left in this photo)

Over the years we’ve been delighted to learn where our miniature gems have taken their place of honor in homes and businesses and we enjoy seeing photos of collections that we can share with others. Do you have a unique display in your house or office?

Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Alongside or underneath conventional scale artwork is another option preferred by collectors. (This photo shows our home with some of our own work on display)
Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Despite their historical conflict, miniature paintings get along just fine with cherished photos today!
Miniature paintings and illuminated manuscripts
How about displaying miniature paintings with their antecedent: illuminated manuscripts?
Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
How about a grouping on a small table that encourages visitors to pick them up and examine them up close?

Miniature art fills a niche in the art world and it’s fun to hear tales of how our tiny artwork is hung in yachts, RVs and is often carried from one home to another with the changing seasons for those who migrate.

Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
How about having an entire collection inside one frame?
Siegrist Miniature Paintings on Display
Consider the charm of this room filled with smaller works and miniature paintings instead of a couple larger pieces.

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TexArt Workshop 2016

~ A Rare Opportunity ~

Have you been waiting to take a workshop from us on miniature painting?  If so, here’s a chance but don’t hesitate as the workshop is already 2/3rds full and is expected to sell out the day registration opens in October.  (Sign up via the website below to get an email notification of when registration officially opens).  Please feel free to share the PR below with friends!

The Enchantment of Painting Miniatures

A Daily Session with Wes Siegrist at TexArt 2016

Come close …get really close! Not everything’s big in Texas! Work alongside one of miniature art’s premiere painters at creating these enchanting, tiny gems of the art world, at a unique workshop to be held on the beautiful campus of Schreiner University in Kerrville Texas from May 22nd till May 27th, 2016. Learn the guidelines contemporary miniature art shows and societies follow to preserve and promote working “in little” and how to overcome the unique challenges with making them. The session includes a brief presentation by Wes on the development and important role miniature art played in history from the Renaissance to the present day. He’ll explain why miniature art is more than just working small. Siegrist will also be discussing opportunities for exhibiting miniature art as well as how artists can niche market their work successfully.

And there’s a BONUS: Wes’ wife, Rachelle, will also be demonstrating and fielding questions! While all media are acceptable, the Siegrists will be specializing in watercolor.

Wes is honored to be one of the instructors at a unique Artist Workshop in May of 2016. For the very first time the Susan Kathleen Black Foundation and the Society of Animal Artists are combining their efforts to create one of the coolest workshops ever! This unique new weeklong workshop will be held on the beautiful campus of Schreiner University in Kerrville Texas from May 22nd till May 27th… 2016. Participating artists can train in all of the traditional mediums of Oils, Acrylics & Watercolor. They can also try their hand at Sculpture as well as the very cool skills involved in Scratchboard. But in addition… there are a couple very unique specialties offered in this workshop that set it apart from all others. Artists will have the opportunity to learn how to paint very, very big paintings… as well as very, very small miniatures.

The instructors in this workshop are all award winning members of the Society of Animal Artists and include… John Banovich – Painting huge… Wes Siegrist – Painting Miniatures… Sally Maxwell – Scratchboard… James Coe – Oils… Jan Martin McGuire – Acrylics… David Rankin – Watercolors… Dan Chen – 3Dimensional Canvases… and David Turner – Sculpture.  All in all, this workshop for the professional artist will be a noteworthy evolution of Workshops for Artists in America.

Click here to see why this is going to be such a cool workshop.  http://texart-we.com

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~ The latest paintings off of the Siegrists’ Easels ~

We’re delighted to finally be able to share two of our latest paintings with you now that they are happily being enjoyed in their new homes!

Miniature painting of a kayaker by Wes Siegrist
“Flint River Fun” by Wes featuring our dear friend, David Lanier
Miniature painting of a cat by Wes and Rachelle Siegrist
“The Sun King” is our latest tandem treasure featuring one of our favorite furry friends, KoKo

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