Enjoying Time With My Family and Getting Ready For the Waterfowl Festival!

Enjoying Time With My Family!

By Rachelle Siegrist

Larry Davis and grandkids
My Dad, with Haydyn and Tyler, who personally picked out his adorable outfit to wear!

We arrived in Okeechobee from Dunedin, FL late Wednesday afternoon, a week and a half ago, with my parents, after Wes’ job of judging the MASF show.  That evening my brother and his family joined us for supper, and as usual, the kids were as happy to see their Uncle Wes and Aunt NoNo, as we were to see them!  Since my Dad is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatments for his recently diagnosed Hodgkin Lymphoma, we spent most of our time outdoors, and ate supper on the screen porch that evening.  My parents precious little dog, Dixie, is always very happy to see me too, since she knows I’m going to carry her around and generally spoil her rotten while I’m there!  I don’t know who enjoys it more though . . . her or me!

Rachelle siegrist holding a dog
Oh . . . my sweet baby girl!

Wes and I worked in my parent’s yard, since my Dad is suppose to be taking it easy during his treatments.  Thankfully however, he was feeling pretty good most of the time we were there, and enjoyed being outside doing what work he felt like, along with us!  We carried on with the task of removing the unwanted grass from his pond, using the 4-wheeler and a chain much of the time, which is my personal favorite method! The kids always enjoy spending time by the pond, and Tyler loves fishing with his Uncle Wes!

wes siegrist in boat with kids
Wes and the kids take a boat ride while Hazel swims behind

We always seem to find interesting things by the pond and in the woods, and one of our great critter encounters this time was when Wes found an adorable wee baby turtle!

wes siegrist with baby turtle
Wes shows off his adorable find to the kids

My mom had gotten the kids pumpkins to carve, and we found the best way to transport them, was of course in their little red wagon!  So the pumpkins enjoyed a ride around the yard, before becoming works of art!

cute kids and dog photo
Hazel joins Tyler and Haydyn for a photo with their pumpkins

Once they were safely transported to our pumpkin carving “table” which originally was a water tough for horses, Wes cut the tops off and we began the yucky task of pulling the seeds and the glop out of them.

rachelle siegrist carving pumpkins
The not so fun task of removing the seeds and the glop!

Once the gooey insides were removed, Wes drew the faces on and carved them, with the kids telling him what they wanted them to look like.  Once completed, they both were delighted with their new pumpkin friends!

wes siegrist carving pumpkins
Wes and the kids with their amazing creations
siegrist pumpkins carved
I got Haydyn to pose behind hers, making it look like she was a pumpkin girl!

Next on the agenda was getting the kids dressed up for “Trunk or Treat”, a community service by local churches and businesses, which provides a place for the kids to go and get safe candy.  Haydyn wanted to be a little ghost, so I made her a Casperette the friendly ghost costume.  Tyler went as a bow hunter, and I was Casperette’s puppy friend.  The kids came home excitedly with a bucket of candy each and I had gotten some chocolate, so all were happy!

rachelle siegrist dressed in puppy mask
Undercover and searching for chocolate!

Our last day there, my Brother Marshall, Tyler and I kept up with our tradition of riding bikes at Grassy Island.  Always a highlight and a treat for me, it was great fun as usual, and is such a peaceful and beautiful place to spend a couple of hours riding bikes!  The only big bummer was, that my Dad couldn’t go with us this time, but I anxiously look forward to riding it with him next time we’re there!

rachelle siegrist biking at grassy island in okeechobee
Crossing one of the wooden bridges along the trail

The remainder of the afternoon was spent back at my parents, riding the 4-wheeler, fishing in the pond and pulling out more grass.  That evening after supper on the porch, we built a fire and made s’mores . . . can you say yummy! Then while Tyler rode his dirt bike, looking like Evil Knievel, Haydyn and I ripped around on the 4-wheeler, howling like wolves, which was her idea, leaving the rest of the family wondering what the “sirens” were all about. Once dark, my mom pulled out the light-up balloons she had bought, so the kids could play with them.  I got the brilliant idea of putting one of them into Haydyn’s ghost costume, and quietly slipped out the front door.  I giggled with glee thinking of tricking the kids when I crept up around the house in the dark.  Much to my demise however, as soon as I was spotted, they yelled “Hey look . . . it’s Aunt NoNo!’ Hmmmm . . . I thought, that sure didn’t go as planned.  Nonetheless, we had a great time running around with our glowing balloons in the dark!

rachelle siegrist with balloons
Haydyn and Tyler with their glowing balloons, and me with my not so scary ghost

Once again, we made many great memories while in Florida, and I want to personally thank all of you who have remembered my Dad in your prayers recently!

This past week we have been diligently painting, framing and getting ready for the upcoming 45th Annual Waterfowl Festival in Easton, MD, taking place this coming weekend, November 12th-15th. I will be posting more info and paintings that will be available for purchase there on this week’s Wednesday post.

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