Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

By Rachelle Siegrist

dancing bear lodge townsend TN - 1

I do hope you had wonderful Thanksgiving!  Wes and I did, while enjoying delicious food seasoned with lots of laughter, along with our dear friends, Fred and Barb, family and friends! I must admit however, that I can hardly believe Thanksgiving has come and gone already . . . time just seems to fly anymore!  Nonetheless, I thought it an appropriate time to pause and reflect on some things which I personally am thankful for . . .

A Few Things I’m Truly Thankful For . . .

 A God who gave me life, Who loves and cares for me immensely
Wonderful parents who brought me into this life, whom also greatly love and care for me
My wonderful husband Wes, who not only loves and adores me, but is also my best friend
All of my family, including my many special feathered and furry friends
The feel of my Carolina Wren, Peeps, tiny little feet on my skin while sitting in my hand

carolina wren with rachelle siegrist - 1

Being able to see the world in vivid color, especially in spring and summer, when flowers fill the landscape
The sound of the wind blowing through the trees . . . songbirds filling the air . . . waves lapping on a shore . . . and the sweet voices of my little Niece Haydyn and Nephew Tyler excitedly saying “Watch this Aunt NoNo!”

pink camilia blossom - 1

To my Dad, Father-n-law, late Grandpas and all of you Veterans, for having served or who are presently serving our country, fighting for our continued freedom.
Lots of Sunshine and clear blue skies                            The ability to hike through the woods, kayak around a lake and ride my bike
Being an artist . . . having been given the talent to paint and create, thus expressing my heart’s interpretation of all the wondrous beauty I am blessed to be surrounded with!

chipmunk with rachelle siegrist - 1 (1)

So what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? . . .


Over fifty of our miniature paintings are currently being featured at the THE STERNBERG MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY, in an unprecedented and history-in-the-making national traveling museum exhibition curated by David J. Wagner, L.L.C. Our miniature paintings can be seen at this lovely museum November 25, 2015 – May 31, 2016. So if you are in, or are going to be in, Hays, KS during this time, be sure to check out our miniature painting exhibition and this wonderful museum!

exquisite miniatures exhibition at tHE STERNBERG MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY

Exquisite Miniatures on display at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History.  We Love the way they have arranged them as well as the numerous “Look Closer” signs serving also as a magnifying glass holder!

exquisite miniatures exhibition at THE STERNBERG MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY - 1

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Until next time . . .



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