All is Merry, Starry and…Warm

Celebrating . . . Jesus the Reason for the Season!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist's nativity scene - 1

We started off our Christmas week . . . “In a Galaxy far . . . far away”! That’s right, we went to see Star Wars “The Force Awakens” and loved it!!! I saw the first Star Wars movie as a little girl and have literally grown up with it!  My brother and I had several of the Star Wars toys and action figures which we loved playing with, so needless to say watching the new one . . . well . . . made me feel like a kid again! However, the fact that Han Solo and Princess Leia look so much older in this one, sadly reminded me for an instant that I too was no longer a kid. But not to worry, I quickly banished that horrid thought from my mind!

siegrist christmas tree - 1
Our big Christmas tree

This week has brought unbelievably mild temps, allowing us to enjoy many of our meals on the back porch, while also enjoying the company of our critter friends. My wren friend, Peedeepeeps, has been occasionally taking naps during the day and sleeping at night in a decorative hanger hanging on the back wall of our house that contains one of his previous nests. While sitting at our table eating, Peeps joins us long enough to eat a few mealworms and nut crunchies, and then promptly flies up to his little abode a mere three feet behind where we sit! The funny thing is that we can hear him scratching around and rearranging the interior, and once he’s got it fixed to his liking, he talks to us with a sequence of precious little “peeps” before he goes to sleep for the night! Moments like these with my critter friends truly melt my heart!

My sweet Booboo squirrel and a pile of Pine Siskins feast on thistle seeds

It also has been warm enough this past week, for me to wear sandals and shorts on some of our walks! I know it’s not normal winter weather, but must admit I’ve been loving every minute of it! We celebrated Christmas Eve at neighbors Judy and Ernie’s beautiful home. Surrounded by friends, I enjoyed holding their precious Yorkie Lulu, much of the night, while also partaking in stories and laughter and of course nibbling on tasty goodies throughout the evening.

siegrist christmas dinner table - 1.jpg
Our table set and ready for the Christmas dinner
cakeman southern red velvet cake icing - 1.jpg
The best part of the meal . . . Dessert!!!!

Christmas Day brought lots of liquid sunshine, so while we enjoyed a couple of meals outdoors, the rest of the day was spent inside cooking food for dinner. Several dear friends joined us for dinner that evening, which was finished off with a delicious piece of my homemade red velvet cake! Afterwards we enjoyed playing a game called Balderdash, which always brings lots of great laughs! I hope you too had a Very Merry Christmas!

siegrist christmas dinner - 1.jpg
Linda, Wes, Marty, Barb, Fred and Frank waiting for the feast!

May God bless you all with a healthy New Year filled with peace and joy!

~ Currently On and Fresh Off the Easel ~

I’m delighted to be able to finally share one of my latest dog portrait commissions with you, since Christmas has come.  I’m hoping to do a fun blog post sharing the steps to completing my painting of this beautiful, precious girl! I’m currently painting on a Boykin Spaniel piece.

basset hound dog painting by rachelle siegrist.jpg

Wes finished his painting of a gorgeous Raven which we photographed during a trip out west.  He’s currently working on a painting of our own precious Carolina Wren, Peedeepeeps!

“A Raven in the Pines” by Wes

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle

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