A Dog Painting Commission

A Commissioned Miniature Painting Of A Basset Hound

by Rachelle Siegrist

A  step-by-step slideshow of how I painted this cherished pet

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“Miss Lilly” 3 ½ x 3 ½ inches by Rachelle

By watching (or clicking on) the above slide show, you can see the series of painting steps for “Miss Lilly”.  From several emailed photos of her, I decide which ones I think would work best, and draw a couple of sketches featuring different compositions.  They in turn are sent to the collector, and after it is decided which one is the favorite, I do the final drawing.  Then the painting process starts, beginning with simple washes, with details painted in as the painting progresses.  When I feel the painting is done, an image is emailed to the collector, so they can see if it is just right or if there needs to be any small changes.  Upon final approval of the painting, it is wrapped and shipped to it’s new home, where the delighted  owner enjoys it forever . . . A very happy ending indeed!

You can see more step-by-step paintings on our website and we often post them on our Facebook page: The Miniature Paintings of Wes and Rachelle Siegrist.

~ Here are a few testimonials from our delighted collectors  ~

 ~ “I just had to jot you a note to tell you how much I love my beautiful miniature of “Surcee”. Your work is incredible. Now I have two of my “favorite things” in miniature…..my wren and my precious dog. Thank you both for rendering both to perfection.”

~ “The paintings arrived safe and sound yesterday!! We poured a glass of wine, put on Ella Fitzgerald and Johnny Mathis and opened them together! It was a very emotional and powerful joy to open them up and see them up close in our home for the first time after waiting so long! They are exquisite!!! It’s really an emotional experience to hold them in your hand and view them with a magnifying glass under a good light at home! That’s one of the things that make miniatures so special is the intimacy of being able to hold them in your hand and see them up close. Both are more beautiful and exquisite than we ever imagined. Thank you for your notes on the back of each and for the detailed letter with the update on your shows and the planned DVD. It’s all very exciting.”

~ “Our house is blessed with the wonderful miniature work of the Siegrists. Any time they show their work, we always find another amazing painting that they have crafted, that we want. The size of these Miniatures allow you to place them almost anywhere in your dwelling. A look at any of them makes your day better.

~ “Well, a great big ‘thank you’ to you both. The package arrived this morning. We had a second birthday celebration as I unwrapped the box. I handed the zip-lock bag to Darlene and let her take it from there… We both had tears in our eyes as we gazed at the painting. It is magnificent! Thank you very much. Wes, thanks for keeping everything on track and getting the package here today. Rachelle, thank you for a wonderful painting. You absolutely captured the heart and feeling of the pond at Wood Lot Farm.”

~ “I just wanted to send along a note to say how much we love the portrait of Luke! You did such a wonderful job capturing his likeness! I know Dad is so pleased with it, and we were so touched to receive it on Christmas….what a wonderful and special gift. I think mom would’ve been tickled by it too. We have it on a shelf in our living room and have already received lots of compliments on it….and, tell Wes that we’re still receiving compliments on Mr. Fuzzy Feathers, which I love too!”

~ “…many thanks again for the beautiful portrait of Consuelo! It arrived without a hitch and the surprise was complete, but I couldn’t wait to show it to Susan, who’d like to include a thought or two of her own. – What a wonderful surprise this was! You managed to capture the vivacity and glee in this little cherub- well done! The likeness is perfection! She has become part of our lives and we so love the way you have captured this precious moment.”

 To commission me, Wes, or both of us together is easy! Here’s how…

1. Contact us with your request or ideas
2. We’ll coordinate with you the details including price, schedule and composition
3. We’ll provide you with sketches to consider
4. You’ll send us 50% to get us started painting
5. We’ll send you progress reports including scans of the work in stages of development
6. At your final approval of the painting send us the balance due and we ship your painting to you.  (We pay for the shipping and insurance!)

For questions, or for more information on how to commission me to do your own special painting, please send me an email at siegrist@artofwildlife.com.

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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