The MASF Annual Miniature Art Show

Attending the Opening Weekend of the MASF Show

by Rachelle Siegrist

Wes and I in front of his paintings at the show

We boarded our plane last Friday, leaving the gray, rainy, winter landscape behind, trading it for the sunshine and blue skies of south Florida instead!  Thankfully our flight was delayed and we didn’t get here until the bad storms, with tornadoes, had pushed through!  It was a treat to be able to enjoy our delicious pizza for dinner, whilst sitting out on the veranda of the restaurant under the stars!

Saturday morning we headed to the Dunedin Fine Art Center, where we attended the opening of the MASF Show.  The attending crowds delighted in viewing the miniature paintings, with many wanting to meet and talk with this years judge, Wes.


That afternoon, we were joined by two of my favorite fellow top miniature portrait artists, Bill Mundy, his friend Claire and Michael Coe!  We took advantage of the gorgeous weather while spending a couple of hours at beautiful, Honeymoon Island.  Sandy soil beneath our feet and blue skies above accompanied us as we walked around the nature trail.

Me, Wes, Claire, Bill and Michael on the nature trail

Several pairs of Ospreys were nesting, so needless to say the air was filled with their calls, as they were constantly flying above.  Their nests are like works of art in themselves, an abstract of sticks carefully placed and wedged into place.  Ospreys weren’t the only ones nesting, as we also watched a pair of Eagles busily feeding babies and adding sticks to their massive nests!

We also saw a pair of Great horned Owls, Armadillos, numerous warblers and songbirds, and a resident Gopher Tortoise munching away on the tender grass.

After our leisurely walk around the trail, we decide to go over to the beach for awhile, as no trip to Honeymoon Island is ever completely without me getting into the ocean, no matter how icy cold the water, and getting sand between my toes!  So I did just that, and was amazed at how frigid the water actually was!  Nonetheless I enjoyed every minute of it, and paraded my sandy toes like a badge of honor for the rest of the evening!

Wes, me, Bill, Claire and Michael enjoying the beach!

Reluctantly I agreed to leave the beach, as we had the artists reception that evening to attend.  As usual it was great fun, as we enjoyed lots of great conversation, food and much laughter!  Sunday morning we attended the awards brunch being held at the beautiful Bon Apetit, which offered a splendid view of the water!  The high winds caused white caps to form on the choppy water, tossing the sailboats about and causing waves to crash over the fishing pier!  Birds trying to fly into the wind, apeared to remain almost motionless! After a delicious breakfast, the awards ceremony commenced, and started with Wes giving an informative talk about both the thrill and the challenges of judging this large miniature show.

Wes talks about the challenges and fun of judging

The show opened to the public afterwards, and was very well attended.  The annual business meeting for the Miniature Artists of America was held that afternoon, with good attendance and plenty of fruitful discussion. Upon the closing of the show for the day, we joined about nineteen others at a nearby seafood restaurant for dinner.  As always there was no lack of things to talk about, stories to tell, nor laughter!  Many heartfelt thanks to the MASF group of volunteers for putting on another wonderful, successful show, and for a delightful time at the opening weekend!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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