An Awesome Weekend at SEWE!

A Great Weekend at SEWE 2016!

by Rachelle Siegrist

snow in townsend.jpg

The ground was covered in snow as we left our home in the Smokies last Wednesday morning, while heading over to Charleston, SC, for the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. Thankfully Wes had moved the van up by the road the night before, so we could get out. It was a lovely drive with snow lining the roads during the first couple of hours, albeit a cold one! That evening we arrived at the hotel in Charleston in time to see the sun set over the beautiful swamp area from our room.
charleston view.jpg

We left for the Charleston Place Hotel early Thursday morning to set up for the show, and finished in time to enjoy the lovely luncheon which SEWE graciously provided for the artists. That afternoon we started off the show with my painting of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel going to a new happy home!
Rachelle siegrist at charleston place hotel.jpg

The gala opening that evening was a packed out event as usual, and we enjoyed seeing and talking with several collector friends and eating tasty cuisine, especially the scrumptious bite sized desserts!
wes and rachelle siegrist at SEWE gala opening.jpg

We even had a gorgeous Sandhill Crane visit our booth, which was a real treat indeed!!!
sandhill crane SEWE 2016.jpg

Friday brought visits with collectors friends, new faces and several of our miniature paintings going home with excited and happy new collectors! Saturday brought more sales, dog commissions, and an edible Valentine gift from our dear collector friend, Mike, a scrumptious red velvet cupcake piled high with fluffy, cream cheese frosting! That evening Wes and I joined Mike for a deliciously fun dinner at Taziki’s, a great Greek restaurant located in downtown Charleston.  Valentines Day started with Wes and I swapping cards, and I must say Wes’ card won the prize for the funniest!
valentines day at SEWE 2016.jpg

That day brought several more sales and dog commissions, with most of the paintings going home with excited, brand new collectors! I must say there’s one of my dog commissions which I can hardly wait to paint . . . an adorable little Pomeranian named Izzy!  In the photo, he’s a precious ball of fluffy black and white fur and he’s wearing a striped black and white dinner tie! I know he’s going to bring a smile to the faces of all who see his portrait painting! The parade of dogs which visited our ballroom this weekend were so beautiful and handsome, and of course so much fun to pet!  A highlight of the afternoon was the delightful concert played by the Charleston Symphony Quartet!
charleston symphony quartet at SEWE 2016.jpg

Soon the show had ended and after saying  goodbyes to our artist friends, we were joined by a couple of them at dear collector friends Patrick and Michelle’s beautiful home. I was delighted to once again see and play with Bailey and Lacey, their two beautiful Chocolate Labs which I painted this past year!
chocolate lab.jpg

While relaxing and petting the girls, we nibbled on tasty assorted cheeses and crackers, and Wes bravely tried raw oysters for the first time! He ate a couple of them and admitted that they were pretty good, but I just couldn’t bring my wimpy self to try them!
wes siegrist eating pysters at SEWE 2016.jpg

It’s always a treat to join them for dinner, as Patrick is certainly a chef, and wowed us all this time with fresh flounder with a cream sauce, atop delectably creamy grits, with salad and delicious crusty fresh baked bread! Needless to say, it was a wonderfully fun evening not only for us, but for our taste buds as well! Many laughs later, it was getting late and time to say goodbye, as we thanked them for a most delightful evening and meal!

After driving through rain and sleet part of the way on Monday, thankfully we made it safely home last evening! A BIG heartfelt “Thank you” goes out to both our existing and new collectors who are now enjoying new miniature painting additions to their collections, and to the SEWE staff for a wonderful weekend!!!

wes and rachelle siegrist with paintings at SEWE 2016.jpg


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


4 thoughts on “An Awesome Weekend at SEWE!

  1. Don Weiser

    Hi Folks, Very nice blog of SEWE! Wes, I’m thinking of you and wishing that you feel better very soon!! Sounds like you both had a GREAT show!!! Wes’ first time oyster encounter reminded me of the Jonathan Swift quote, “It Was a Brave Man Who First Ate an Oyster”. 🙂 D



    Wes and Rachelle,
    Your shows seem so wonderful!
    You are both very special people, positive and encouraging.
    I was looking at the dog portrait in the email, are you using a gold brush or a pen?
    I always enjoy your mail.

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