Painting a Pomeranian Named Izzy

Painting a Dog Portrait Commission!

by Rachelle Siegrist

Pomeranian photo - 1.jpg

Okay, I’ll admit it . . . I was immediately smitten with Izzy, when his owners showed me this photo of him and his friend recently, after asking me to paint him!  “Oh my goodness . . . he’s absolutely adorable!!! . . . I just have to paint him with his tie on!”  I told them, and thankfully they agreed that it would indeed make an amazing miniature painting!  So the joyful journey and process of painting Izzy began!  Upon being emailed this photo, I drew a couple of sketches and once the final composition was approved, I began painting him. I started with the eyes, as I do much of the time, since I feel they’re the most important part of the painting and what brings the subject to life!

 Next I start laying in washes and blocking in areas with color, as I start establishing the values.

Then I continue painting in more areas and start adding some of the details.

 After sending an image of the painting’s progress to his owners, it was decided that he looks much cuter with his ears perked up.  So they sent a few more reference photos of him with ears perked up, and numerous brushstrokes later, I had them changed . . . and what a difference that made!

 Being quite tricky to work with, and having to be set with varnish, the gold is added at the very last of the painting process, allowing only very minor detail touch-ups.  I have to say that I smiled the entire time I painted Izzy, and so wished to be able to hold, hug and kiss him, as he’s just too way too cute . . . don’t you agree?

Pomeranian painting commission a dog painting8.jpg
“Izzy Dressed For Dinner”

View this short video of sweet Izzy getting dizzy that will surely bring a smile to your face

This cute video is also embedded on our Facebook pages.


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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