Great Music, Art and Fun!

Visiting Wes’ Family!

by Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist brothers.jpg
The three brothers . . . Wes, Greg and Tony

We arrived at Wes’ parents home in Southern Indiana last Wednesday, and were joined by the rest of the family that evening for supper. First thing on Thursday’ s agenda, was to head over to Rural King and buy peanuts in bulk for my critters! I was delighted to see they had plenty this time, and am thrilled that I’ll now have happily fed critters for several months!

siegrists with daffodils.jpg
Jeanie and George with some Daffodils I picked from their yard

That evening we attended a concert at the University of Louisville’s Comstock Hall, featuring the Jazz Ensemble II group. Being a lover of jazz, especially Bossa Nova style, I was thrilled when they played a favorite of mine, Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “The Girl From Impanema”! Growing up, I remember lying on the living room floor, alongside my Dad and brother positioned perfectly between the two speakers, while listening to this song as well as other songs by Jobim and other Bossa Nova Jazz artists, in perfect stereo of course! Those wonderful experiences obviously helped fine tune my taste in music!  Throughout the remainder of the evening, they delighted the mesmerized audience with several more favorites, causing the evening to pass all too quickly, thus bringing the wonderful concert to an end.

U of L Jazz Ensemble II.jpg
U of L’s Jazz Ensemble II

After a few days of cold cloudy weather, Saturday brought sunshine and blue skies, albeit a cold one! Nonetheless, we took the opportunity to enjoy a short walk in the woods at the Louisville Nature Center, seeing the springtime blossoms of several trees scattered about, while being serenaded by Spring songs of various birds.

Wes, Rachelle and Mom at LNC.jpg
Wes, me and Jeanie with a cool looking stump

Leaving there we headed to the banks of the Ohio River, where we treated our taste buds to delicious ice cream, before taking a walk down to the rivers edge, where the water roared and rushed along, after being released over the dam. I jokingly stated that it would be an amazing place to kayak sometime!

rachelle siegrist at the falls of the ohio.jpg
Oh boy . . . a great place to kayak . . . Ha Ha!

Walking further along, we came upon several beautiful, back-lit geese, peacefully preening at the river’s edge, whom we enjoyed watching and photographing for quite sometime.

ducks by falls of the ohio.jpg
Hanging out alongside the Ohio River

Sunday afternoon, we went to the newly renovated Speed Art Museum, which had just recently reopened. After the museum being closed the past couple of years, we were greatly anticipating our visit! The new addition features interesting staircases and a high ceiling showcasing a unique chandelier, creating a most intriguing space. The towering glass walls surrounding the stairways, are covered in dark spots at the top which lesson toward the bottom, giving the illusion of hundreds of birds flying, when viewed from a distance!  Wes’ brother Tony had poured some of the concrete for the new addition.

Speed art museum staircase.jpg
The window with the illusion of thousands of birds flying

It was wonderful revisiting several of our favorite paintings by past artists and Dutch masters, as well as seeing new pieces from contemporary artists such as Picasso.  Of course a highlight for Wes and I was admiring the stunning miniature portrait paintings on display, painted by artists Cosway, Peale, Sully and others!

Siegrists with the miniature paintings at the Speed Art Museum.jpg
Karen, Jeanie, me, Wes and Tony with a few of the miniatures

The large new space features numerous modern art pieces, a couple of which brought me much laughter! One piece looked like a huge smiley face painted in black. Another was one in which a white metal folding chair was laying over on it’s side, with the back of the chair resting on the head of a small, white doll. The rather odd looking face of a man talking, was being projected onto the face of the strange little hand-sewn-cloth-person . . . Hmmmm . . . need I say more?

modern art at speed art  museum.jpg
Jeanie with a BIG smiley face

More oddities included a rubber skin of what appeared to be a flattened body, lying on a white table, complete with a crystal spinal column laying atop it! Sections of cardboard stuck together served as another piece in their collection, and yet another which appeared to be pieces of smashed, twisted car parts joined together, all leaving viewers scratching their heads, with a look of utter confusion on their faces. However, I was totally impressed with a V.W. Bug that was created entirely out of sewn fabric and a few car parts! Needless to say, it was a very interesting visit indeed, and if you’re ever in the Louisville area, I highly recommend a visit to the beautiful Speed Art Museum!

speed art museum new addition.jpg
The new addition at the Speed

That evening after supper, we returned once again to U of Louisville’s Comstock Hall for another concert, this time featuring their Symphonic Orchestra and the Wind Ensemble, where we were treated to another evening filled with beautiful music!

UofL Wind Ensemble.jpg
U of L’s Wind Ensemble

We said goodbye yesterday morning, as we headed back to our home here in the Smokies. Now it’s time to play catch up once again, and get back to the easels!

 ~ Currently On and Off the Easel ~

I’m currently painting this dog commission of a West Highland White Terrier, named Abbey.  She is simply adorable is so much fun to paint!  Here is my latest progress on this precious little girl!

west highland white terrier dog painting
My dog painting commission of Abbey in progress

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle



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