Amongst Flowers, Birds and Bees!

Come along for a walk in our gardens!

by Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist spring gardens.jpg
Our moss covered path in the front garden

It’s that glorious time of the year once again . . . when flowers start blooming, small chartreuse baby leaves start appearing on once barren trees limbs and shrubs, and butterflies flit dreamily through the air, while the hum of bees and springtime song of birds fill the air!  I love this time of the year, bringing with it new life and of course . . . warmer weather!!!

azaleas in the smokies.jpg
Our glorious Azaleas are putting on quite a display

Our yard is filled with Azaleas, and this is their time of the year to truly shine, as they fill the landscape with bold splashes of numerous bright colors!  Some sport more blossoms than leaves, making them look like balls of red, pink, white and lavender.  They’re favorites of mine, each one was lovingly planted in our yard, to the tune of somewhere around 40 now, and I love each and every one of them!  Lovingly surrounded by pine straw each year, they are certainly thriving in their happy home here in the Smokies!  Several other blooming beauties are showing off as well, and each day seems to bring something new, such as my lovely rose and Clematis blossoms.

A few years ago a friend gave me several Spanish Bluebells.  Obviously quite happy, they having multiplied and add brilliant blue to the early springtime landscape.  I was delighted to bring a few more of them back with me from Wes’ parents garden, which have been planted in their new home.

spanish blue bells blooming.jpg
My Spanish Bluebells

Along with springtime blossoms, comes the start of nesting season for most birds, including our precious resident Tufted Titmouse, named Tinymouse.  This is now the 3rd year that she has returned to sit on my head, while trying her best to collect a few golden curls for her nest! She also loves just sitting on my head or shoulder at times and even jumped down to sit atop my Cooks Illustrated Magazine which I was looking at the other day.  It was such a precious moment, as she sat there while sweetly looking up at me!!!


rachelle siegrist and Titmouse.jpg
Tinymouse and my 1st selfie together

Yesterday evening we enjoyed attending a surprise 80th Birthday party for our very dear friend Fred!  Wes and I helped decorate for the milestone event earlier that afternoon, and returned that evening to wait with a group of people to yell “Surprise!” when he unsuspectingly walked through the door.  And surprised he was indeed, and upon getting over the initial shock, seemed to enjoy his evening of celebration very much!  Of course gag gifts took center stage, as everyone laughed as each one was revealed!  Of course the best part of the party is usually the cake, especially the corner piece with loads of frosting!

fred wieser 80th.jpg
Blow harder Fred!!!
prank senior cane.jpg
Fred showing off his new specialized senior toys

Of course where there are ducks, I always try to feed them, and Wes knowing this, had thoughtfully brought me a container of cracked corn to feed the ducks after the party, and I was delighted when mommy brought all of her precious babies up to me!!!

baby ducks and rachelle siegrst.jpg
Feeding the ducks

 ~ Currently On and Off the Easel ~

I just finished my latest dog commission of a West Highland White Terrier, named Abbey.  She is simply adorable and was so much fun to paint!  Seeing her smile made me smile all the while I was painting her!!  My next dog commission is drawn of another adorable baby named Hugo, which I will begin on soon and be sharing with you.

west highland terrier dog painting Abbey.jpeg
My latest dog commission “ Abbey”

Wes finished his latest commission painting of two precious baby doves, which our collector friend photographed in her yard, making them extra special indeed! He has started the next painting in our Tandem Treasure Series which features to adorable Clown Fish amongst an Anemone.

Baby Dove painting by Wes Siegrist.jpg
“Under The Mexican Petunias” by Wes

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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