Judging the 25th International Miniature Art Show

Judging the 25th International Miniature Art Show at Seaside Art Gallery!

by Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist on the obx.jpg

Wes and I had the honor of judging the 25th International Miniature Art Show, this past Monday at the Seaside Art Gallery, Located in picturesque Nags Head, NC. After a 9 1/2 hour drive Sunday, I was delighted when we got to the hotel in time to enjoy a walk on the beach! As soon as I reached the sand, off came the sandals, and my feet were instantly in heaven once again! The setting sun bathed the skies in various shades of pinks, adding even more splendor to the beautiful setting!

sunrise on nags head beach by days inn.jpg

I was up by six the next morning and immediately went down to the beach, and was met with a gorgeous sunrise, and thought what a fabulous way to start a day! After breakfast, we walked on the beach awhile before heading over to Jockeys Ridge State Park, where we were amazed with what we found, but alas we’ll save that adventure and others, for my next blog post! Leaving there we drove to the gallery, and were delighted to finally meet Melanie in person and see the show! The miniature art was nicely displayed, in a well lit room, making it a joy to see.

wes and rachelle siegrist and melanie smith at seaside art gallery
Wes and I with sweet Melanie Smith, the gallery owner

Upon being given the specifics, we started the fun but difficult job of judging. There were 14 award choices for us to make, and we decided to individually walk through, choosing the works that impressed us the most. Afterwards, we sat down and compared our two lists to see where we had matches. Sharing over a dozen choices, we went together and looked at the non-shared selections we had each made, discussing why we felt this particular work was or was not, a contender for the awards.

judging seaside international miniature art show.jpg
Me looking at the miniatures

Having chosen too many works, we started the difficult task of narrowing them down, by each picking what we thought were the top five winners. Using magnifying glasses, we selected the top three, and were delighted to find that almost all of the media awards were filled by our earlier shared choices. Choosing the specific work of one artist among their excellent entries was the hardest part of the job.

rachelle siegrist judging seaside international miniature art show.jpg
Wes looking at the miniatures

Hours later we had finalized our choices, so we walked through the gallery, where there are literally thousands of unique works of art on display! It was amazing, for as soon as we saw one room, it led to yet another! Especially with the current miniature show, she truly has something for everyone there, from original art work to beautiful jewelry, so if you’re ever in Nags Head, this is a place you must visit! After more conversation and laughter, we were saying goodbye and heading off for our next adventure!

Wes and me by our miniature paintings available for sale in the show.  I was delighted that my Sanibel Island Lighthouse painting has already sold!

That evening with feet in sand, I happily watched as the sky became a kaleidoscope of pinks above the crashing surf, and as the sun dipped below the horizon, I thought to myself . . . “Wow . . . What a great way to end a day!” Many heartfelt thanks again to Melanie, for having us judge the show, thus affording me a chance to reunite with my beloved saltwater!

The gorgeous sunrises on the beach behind where we were staying . . .

sunrise on Nags head.jpg

sunrise on the outer banks of NC.jpg

sunrise on the outer banks at nags head.jpg

 ~ Currently On the Easel ~

Here’s a recent painting of mine, featuring a gorgeous conch which I photographed during our visit to Sanibel Island last May.  Wes and I so enjoyed our walks along the beach each evening, while looking for beautiful shells and watching the stunning sunsets!  When the tide was out, it exposed several sandbars, creating the perfect opportunity to photograph this conch from this wonderful perspective! Of course it was a delight to paint, since I imagined being back on the beach the entire time!

seashell painting miniature by rachelle siegrist.jpg
Best Foot Forward” by Rachelle

Here’s a recently finished miniature landscape painting by Wes, featuring a man fishing one early morning on a small lake.  The lake is located at the beautiful John James Audubon State Park in Kentucky, where Wes and I stayed many years ago while participating in a art show in the area.  The Museum and Nature Center has the world’s largest displayed collection of Audubon art and artifacts, and having always admired Audubon, we greatly enjoyed our visit and time spent there.

fisherman landscape painting by_Wes_Siegrist.jpg
“A Good Day Fishing” by Wes

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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