An Enchanting Evening on Enchanted Rock!

An Enchanting Evening Atop Enchanted Rock!

by Rachelle Siegrist

wes and rachelle seirgist on enchanted rock.jpg
Wes and I atop Enchanted Rock

We spent a day with friends Bob, Diane and Sue exploring the surrounding areas of Kerrville, TX during the recent TexArt workshop at Schreiner University. After a day of birding at South Llano River State Park, we arrived Tuesday evening at Enchanted Rock State Park, and I was as giddy as a kid going to Disney World when I leapt out of the van along with Wes and Sue, and headed for the trail leading to Enchanted Rock! Our first glimpse of the grand dome was shrouded by trees, as we started up the trail.

Enchanted Rock.jpg
The first glimpse of the dome

As we walked along, the path began opening up revealing rocks scattered about, nestled by cactus and masses of yellow flowers! It was truly spectacular, and the further we went . . . the more amazing it became!

cactus and flowers on enchanted rock.jpg

Beautiful wildflowers blooming everywhere!

wildflowers at Enchanted Rock state park.jpg

No photographs or words could have truly prepared us for the amazing sight we were about to see! Suddenly there before us, was nothing but pink granite as far as the eye could see that kept going up and up, and the further we climbed, the larger it appeared. The evening light bathed everything in beautiful rich colors making the surroundings appear nothing less than stunning!

enchanted rock state park.jpg
The wee spot in the middle is Wes heading up the dome

Wes hiking ahead of Sue and I suddenly found himself cresting part of the huge granite dome, startling a group of turkey vultures and sending them whirling up into the air, soaring in a tornado like pattern while surrounding him, as they flew up and up. Needless to say, he was quite bummed we didn’t get a photo of his amazing experience since we were busily photographing flowers!

Us at Enchanted Rock with Sue.jpg
Our trio heading to the top

Turkey vultures swirled above, as our trio reached the top of the huge dome, and we were amazed to find numerous depressions on the top, which were filled with water and had individual ecosystems growing in them.

pools on top of enchanted rock S.P.jpg

Each little pond was filled with flowers and grasses and a few even with Yucca blossoms shooting up into the air. The water was filled with minute creatures swimming about and we were told there were Fairy Shrimp which could be seen at night when shining a flashlight down into the water causing them to come to the surface.

water pool on enchanted rock.jpg
One of many wee ponds on the top
yucca blossoms on enchanted rock S.P.jpg
Two beautiful Yucca blossoms

By this time we had the granite dome to ourselves to explore, and had started noticing huge boulders, which appeared to be strategically placed, like an abstract Stonehenge of sorts. The unfolding scene gave us the sense of being on the surface of another planet somewhere far . . . far away, as the pink granite surface descended before us, with these huge, lichen covered rocks sitting here and there, looking as if they might slide right off with the slightest encouragement!

big rocks on enchanted rock.jpg

A few of the stunning boulders scattered about the dome, and Wes and I to show the scale

Atop the grand dome, we were afforded a spectacular 360° view as far as the eye could see, making us feel like we were on top of the world! As the sun started to set the scene became almost surreal, nothing but complete peace and beauty surrounding us at the top, completely enchanting the three of us! I always feel closer to God atop mountains and in grand places, thus making this an even more magical place!

view from top of enchanted rock.jpg

Wes and Sue walking along the top of the dome

sunset on enchanted rock.jpg

very top of enchanted rock.jpg
Our feet with the survey marker on the top

Descending the smooth granite dome, each scene unfolded, revealing yet another incredible photo-op with clumps of yellow and lavender flowers blooming in mass, with many jutting up from small cracks in the granite surface.

rocks on enchanted rock.jpg
A rock which greatly resembled Wes’ head on top the dome . . . ha ha!

Sheer delight filled us as we continued our decent down the rocky surface basking in the beauty and soaking it all in.  Big smiles covered our faces the entire ride back to Schreiner University, as we recounted our truly enchanting evening atop Enchanted Rock!  Many thanks again to Bob and Diane Mason for making it happen!

wildflowers on enchanted rock.jpg

More wildflowers blooming on the way down

enchanted rock S.P. wildflowers.jpg

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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