My Parents Visiting and Hillbilly Snorkeling

A Visit From My Parents and Hillbilly Snorkeling!

by Rachelle Siegrist

Rachelle, Sally and Larry with Gene Webb's bear (1).jpg
Mom, Dad and I with a Black Bear carved by local carver Gene Webb

My parents arrived this past Thursday night, and got here just in time to go shopping with us for a new washing machine Friday, since our beloved one died just before they got here!  “What an exciting way to start your vacation” I told them, but they graciously didn’t care and were just happy to be together again!  We’ve enjoyed relaxing and hanging out here at the house and in Townsend, since today and tomorrow are unbelievably busy inside the National Park.  Breakfast each morning is enjoyed on the back porch, and last evening we barbecued and had supper on the screen porch followed by several games of checkers afterwards.

Larry and Wes at Firepit (1).jpg
Dad and Wes cooking our yummy supper last evening

Tomorrow night we’re looking forward to enjoying our local firework display, and have some picnics and hikes in the nearby Smokies planned for this next week.  One morning this past week, Wes and I enjoyed “Hillbilly snorkeling” for a couple of hours.  As always it was great fun, as we floated belly down on our tubes while admiring the underwater world below!  We saw several big trout, red horse and bass, as well as numerous smaller fish, some a beautiful bright yellow with black stripes, and others a lovely shade of light blue!  The sun streaming down through the rippled surface of the deep water created an amazing pattern that mesmerized me instantly!  It was a great morning and I enjoyed doing a quick cartoon of what we must look like to the fish below.

rachelle siegrist cartoon
Me from the fish’s perspective

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~ Fresh Off the Easel ~

Wes finished his painting of a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird this past week, as well as a miniature painting of an Osprey with his catch of the day, which we photographed late one evening while visiting Sanibel Island last May. He had used the Osprey painting to demonstrate several techniques during the recent TexArt workshop in Texas and finished this past week.

A Backyard Gem by Wes
Fresh Catfish Dinner by Wes

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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