A Fun Visit With My Parents!

A Fun Visit With My Parents!

by Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist hiking in tremont.jpg
Me with my parents . . . you can see “Bunny Ears” run in the family!

We had a great time with my parents visiting from Florida this past week!  Their first day here was spent in town with us buying a washing machine and dryer, after ours died right before they arrived.  With some much needed rain falling, and the Smokies being jam-packed during the weekend of the 4th, we just enjoyed relaxing here at the house for a couple of days.  The evening of the 4th, friends Fred, Barb and Kit joined us for homemade baked ziti, dark chocolate brownies and homemade coconut ice cream before we went down to watch our local fireworks.  As always it was a great show, and we so enjoyed practically sitting underneath them!

Baked Ziti party at rachelle siegrists.jpg
Mmmm . . . baked Ziti with Wes, Dad, Mom, Barb, Fred and Kit

Thursday was our 26th Anniversary, so the four of us went to our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch to celebrate.  That afternoon we celebrated BIG time, with a visit to the local laundromat and were hit by a bad thunderstorm.  Since our clothes didn’t get dry in time, and it was closing, my Mom and I ended up hanging clothes all over the basement on makeshift clotheslines, but “We sure made a memory” I told them all!

With my Dad’s knee still healing after an injury last March while we were with them in Florida, we had to limit our walks in the woods to more level paths.  We enjoyed a lovely walk along the river in Tremont one day, and it sure was nice to see more water in the river and the surrounding vegetation green and lush once again after the rain!  

We spent another day in nearby Elkmont while enjoying a picnic on our “personal” stone patio by the quickly rushing river!  The setting was most beautiful accompanied by a cool breeze and the sounds of cascading water, and it wasn’t too long before I was in it!

wes siegrist in elkmont.jpg
Wes doing what he loves best . . . tormenting my Mom and Dad!

After our peaceful picnic we meandered about the historical cabins still standing in Elkmont, imagining what stories the old walls would tell, if only they could talk!

Wes,Rachelle and Larry at Iams Cabin.jpg
Playing in the Ijam’s family children’s cabin

After our step back in time, we took a lovely stroll up the Little River Trail leading alongside the river, which is always a treat!

we siegrist hiking in Elkmont.jpg
Wes, Dad and Mom in Elkmont

Saturday we decided to head to the blueberry field, where we each picked a gallon of the little edible blue beauties! Needless to say, the next morning we enjoyed delicious homemade blueberry pancakes for breakfast!

Rachelle with blueberries.jpg

Yesterday was a most beautiful day, so we went into Cades Cove where we had another fun picnic and enjoyed a nice ride around the cove, especially driving across Hyatt Lane where we excitedly saw a Blue Grosbeak, Orchard Oriole and a Field Sparrow, all 3 of which were new birds for my Dad!

rachelle siegrist in cades cove field.jpg
My parents and I along Hyatt Lane in Cades Cove

An Orchard Oriole, Blue Grosbeak and a Passion Flower in Cades Cove

We left the cove by driving out Rich Mountain road, and were delighted to see several birds including two Pileated Woodpeckers, and a Broad-winged Hawk enjoying an afternoon snack!

hawk along rich mountain road.jpg
A beautiful Broad-winged Hawk after eating it’s afternoon snack
view from rich mountain rd in smokies.jpg
The gorgeous view of Cades Cove from Rich Mountain Rd.

It was truly another gorgeous, fun day and we ended it with supper on the screen porch, being serenaded by the melodious song of our resident Wood Thrushes!  We managed to squeeze in one more relaxing breakfast on the porch while making yet another great memory, before we said goodbye to my parents this morning, as they headed back to FL.

~ Recently Off the Easel ~

I finished a miniature painting on silk of one of my Peonies recently for my Mom’s birthday present.  I started it while painting on silk for the very first time, with artist Dan Chen this past May while Wes and I were at the TexArt workshop to teach a miniature painting class.   I absolutely loved both the feel and delicate look of painting on silk, especially since Wes framed it in such a way to allow the light to shine through the back!  I’m now hoping to do a series of miniature flower paintings on silk.

peony painting by rachelle siegrist.jpg
My first miniature painting on silk of one of our Peonies


painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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