Splish Splash We Were Having a Blast!

A Fun Day at the River!

by Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist summer time.jpg
AH . . . now this is relaxing!  Sharon and me floating on the tubes.

We’ve recently been under a “heat dome” here in the Smokies, so we headed to the river early one morning this past week with friends Tom and Sharon, and found the perfect spot for hanging out for the day!  The sun was shining bright illuminating the crystal clear water and within minutes we were in and having a ball!  Of course I couldn’t resist a nearby cascade, so down I went plunging into the frigid water, sending it splashing up all over me, and having a blast!

rachelle siegrist tubing
A perfect way to spend a summer day!

I quickly convinced my friend Sharon to join me, so she too was having great fun going down the rapids!  While we ran the rapids for awhile, Tom and Wes snorkeled in the deep pool nearby.

rachelle siegrist in the little river.jpg
Me convincing Sharon the water’s not that cold . . . hee hee

I heard them excitedly telling each other what all they were seeing, so I grabbed my mask and joined them.  I was thrilled to see crawfish in great numbers, in various shapes and sizes, crawling around on the rocks beneath the crystal clear water!  A few trout were also swimming along the rock ledge below, as well as several chub minnows and other small fish.

One of my favorite past times . . . “Hillbilly Snorkeling”

Tom handles the icy water better than I do and he just dives in!

Soon friends Kit and his mom Helen had joined us, and of course it wasn’t too long before we convinced them to “Come on in . . . the water feels great!”  Soon after we had all worked up quite an appetite, and decided it was lunch time!  I quickly concluded that the best seat was my tube, so I floated around while enjoying my sandwich, a first . . . and  great one at that!

summer with th esiegrists.jpg
Just hanging out

With all of us being on a sugar/caffeine high after consuming some delicious homemade dark chocolate brownies, we thought it a perfect time to really hit the rapids!  So we took turns while being cheered on and of course photographed by the others!  Each time the frigid icy water splashed up onto stomachs, it created great photo-ops indeed!!!

Sharon and Tom going down . . . Woo-Hoo! 

Then me and Helen go down . . .Yee-Haw!

After just relaxing and snorkeling awhile longer, we three girls decided to float down the river for aways,  after I convinced them this would indeed be lots of fun and a great adventure!!!  We had a ball, bobbing, swooshing, plunging and giggling and named ourselves the “River Warriorettes” AKA . . . see adventure, hear adventure and do adventure!  Of course due to the lower water level, there was quite a bit of rock polishing going on as well, compliments of our bums . . .  ha ha!  While the paparazzi (Tom and Kit) took photos and videos, Wes became the rescuer and helped unstick certain individuals several times while we were all laughing like crazy.  An exciting highlight of our adventurous journey was when Sharon had just gotten Helen unstuck, and she immediately went over a cascade backwards, while Kit was yelling . .  “No, no, no!” but never stopped recording her doing so!  Thankfully she made it just fine and now has an awesome story and video to share!

rachelle siegrist friends tubing in the smokies.jpg
Sharon, Helen and me just taking it easy

It was truly a fabulous day with great friends and we’re all ready to do it again soon!

I was delighted to learn this past week that my miniature still life painting “Rhapsody in Blue” won the Best in Watercolor at the 10th Annual Miniature Fine Art Show!  Wes was thrilled to learn he won the People’s Choice Award on his miniature landscape painting “A Moment of Inspiration” at the 12th Annual Heartland Art Guild International Miniature Paintings & Sculpture Art Show.  You can see and purchase several of our miniatures this week at both of these shows.

Siegrist Paintings in the Artistic Designs 2016 Miniature Show.jpg

~ Recently Off the Easel ~

I finished my first miniature painting on silk available for our shows this past week, of a hummingbird I photographed while in Texas this past spring for the TexArt Workshop. I first tried my hand at it, while painting a Peony with artist friend Dan Chen there at the workshop, and was hooked immediately!  I’m so delighted that it’s sold already!  Wes has been putting the finishing touches on a surprise commission he has been working on.

“The Flying Ballerina” 

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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