Near Disaster Ends Deliciously!!!

Highlights from our week!

by Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist snorkeling.jpg
“Here . . . fishy . . . fishy . . . fishy!”

We’ve spent most of our time at the easels this past week, but have also enjoyed daily walks or bike rides, as well as spending time at the river one morning. As always, it was a most relaxing and enjoyable morning, snorkeling and tubing with friends Tom and Sharon, ending with a tasty lunch on our screen porch afterwards!  We also hosted a couple of dinner parties as well this past week, and since one was in celebration of our friend Darlene’s birthday, I wanted to make a nice cake.  Having recently acquired several orange crush sodas for free, I had been thinking of interesting ways in which to use them, other than just pouring them over vanilla ice cream (Which we did that was also yummy!).

Wanting to make an angel food cake, I began exploring online the idea of adding the orange crush to the mix in lieu of plain water, and discovered that it was indeed a great idea!  Adding the fizzy orange contents of the can to the mix, I let my Kitchen Aid go to work for a minute, and was quite pleased with the foamy mixture which I then poured into the pan.

rachelle siegrist orange angel food cake.jpg

I quickly put the full pan into the oven, and checking on it a few minutes later, I noticed that it was really starting to bubble and get very high!  I kept watching it for a couple of minutes, and saw that the bubbling was growing in intensity and that it was really starting to swell.  Then much to my horror, a BIG glop of the bubbling foamy mixture ran over the edge and plopped onto the bottom of the oven!  I felt like a mad scientist watching an experiment gone bad, and suddenly imagined the cake bubbling and growing so quickly, that it might blow the oven door off, spewing large chunks of foamy orange scented angel food cake all over the kitchen!  Suddenly I suppressed my over-active imagination, and came to my senses, as I grabbed a pizza pan and quickly placed it under my ever-growing behemoth cake.  By the end of the baking time, the pizza pan was lined with crispy chunks of orange cake, which Wes and I both greatly enjoying devouring, and I was quite relieved that the cake unbelievably turned out perfect!

orange angel food cake.jpg

I topped it with my Dreamsicle cream cheese glaze, and much to my delight it was a big hit and everyone LOVED it!!!  Darlene was most thrilled that it was both Angel Food and orange, two of her favorites!  We all had a great time that evening and of course Wes won once again at Mexican Train dominoes . . . but alas he’s the score keeper, so it was no big surprise.  However, the next time I make my orange dream angel food cake, I’ll let the orange soda sit opened for awhile before adding it to the mix and baking it . . . although it surely won’t be as exciting to watch it bake!

siegrist dinner party.jpg
Barb, Kit, Sammie, Bill, Wes and Darlene anxious to try my “Dreamsicle experiment”!

~ Recently Off the Easel ~

I finished my miniature landscape painting of several old John Deere tractors, which I photographed during a visit to the Museum of Appalachia with my parents a couple of years ago.  A fan of John Deere, I always love painting them, but must admit it was a big challenge painting the name on the side of the teeny-weeny tractors!  Wes has been painting on a portrait commission which I will share soon.

“A Herd of Deere” by Rachelle


painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


8 thoughts on “Near Disaster Ends Deliciously!!!

  1. Susan Hoff

    You are full of surprises Raychelle ! Experimental baking and heavy equipment afficionado! There is something kind of patriotic about a cluster of tractors…very appealing. Just like your angel orange extravaganza ! Fantastic . Love you two😇😇😇!! Susan and Doug

    1. Thanks Susan …I try to keep everyone guessing 🙂 Many times my creative sense carries over into the kitchen, which can sometimes be quite dangerous…Ha Ha! I too love tractors and my dream is to someday get to drive one!!!
      Love and Hugs to you and Doug as well 🙂


    Hi – We had a great time at our picnic in Cades Cove. It was good seeing all of you again. We have arrived home safe and sound, after taking the girls to the airport. Loved your angel food cake story! See you next year. Paula

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