Summer Fun With Friends And At Our Easels!

Highlights from our week!

by Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist cades cove picnic.jpg
Fred, Barb, Missy, Heather, Tom, Paula and Me

Wow . . . time seems to be flying this summer!  While tubing in the river with friends this past week, a gentle breeze filled the air causing numerous leaves to abandon the canopy above, spiraling down to the river’s surface below, and suddenly it occurred to me that we’ll soon be knocking on Fall’s door here in the Smokies!  “Oh My . . . I’m not ready for fall yet!” I thought to myself, as I watched several more leaves coming down!  I personally have hopes for many more tubing trips down the river, before pulling out the sweaters.

Nonetheless, time marches on, seemingly quicker each week, and I’m beginning to think if it continues speeding up, one of these days it will leave me totally dizzy from its fast pace!  Thankfully time slows down however, while on the river or walking in the woods, or picnicking in the park, which we did this past weeks with several dear friends visiting the area.  It was a lovely time catching up with one another and hearing of their latest happenings and adventures, while sitting under the beautiful shaded canopy in Cades Cove!

rachelle siegrist tubing.jpg
Sharon and her wee little friend (me) enjoying the river!

I happily convinced Wes yesterday that we should trade in our daily smoldering walk or bike ride around Townsend for a much cooler, pleasant walk in the nearby Smokies. So we enjoyed an hour long walk alongside the river, enjoying the refreshing breeze and shade, resulting in cooler air.  Of course I had to go play in the river a couple of times as well, where the frigid water cools one off instantly!

rachelle siegrist hiking in the smokies.jpg
Ah . . . Feels so nice and cool!

The sights and sound of falling water are so pleasant and refreshing, always making a walk even more delightful!  Several Cardinal flowers were blooming adding a bright red splash to the green landscape.

smoky mountain waterfall.jpg

I also spotted a few red leaves, a visual reminder that fall is right around the corner.

fall leaves in the smokies.jpg

~ Recently Off the Easel ~

I finished my miniature landscape painting a gorgeous sunlit section of the Suwannee River this past week.  I took the reference photo while visiting my family in North Florida several years ago.  I love the Suwannee River, and have enjoyed numerous picnics by it over the years and have hopes of getting to take my pink kayak down it some day!

“Sun on the Suwannee” by Rachelle

Wes finished his miniature snowscape this past week, which I think he greatly enjoyed, as it visually made him feel cooler.  We joked that he was painting snow and I was painting sunshine . . . guess it’s easy to see which each of us enjoys the most!  He took the reference for this snowy scene in nearby Tremont, a section of the Smoky Mountains National Park near Christmas time one year, and we were delighted to see a Barred Owl close to this spot!

“A Winter cascade” by Wes

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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