Summer Places and Social Graces!

Exciting news and happenings !

by Rachelle Siegrist

American Crocodile painting
My Crocodile painting “Uncomfortably Menacing”

Wes and I were delighted to recently learn that four of our miniature paintings have been accepted into the prestigious 2016 Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibit held in Henderson, KY!  My Crocodile painting, “Uncomfortably Menacing” is one of our four paintings that will be featured in this exhibition.  We’re also thrilled to have been asked to participate in the upcoming Steamboat Art Museum’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition at the beautiful Steamboat Art Museum, located in Steamboat Springs, CO starting this December! I’ll be sharing the paintings that will be featured and available for sale through these two wonderful venues with you soon!

rachelle and wes iegrist River picnic.jpg
Sharon, Me and Wes during one of our river picnics

We’ve spent most of our time at the easels again this past week, but with the onset of fall, we took several opportunities to spend time at the river tubing and hillbilly snorkeling with friends! While every trip to the river is a delight, sometimes something unusual happens, making it even better!  Such was the case early one morning this past week, as our group enjoyed having the river all to ourselves, just relaxing and floating around.  Then Sharon and I decided to tube the rapids, and rounding the bend as we walked along the river’s edge, we noticed that the water appeared to be rising and areas that were dry the day before, were now covered with half a foot of water or more!

The large, wide pool where we normally start our adventure, was now the color of Yoo-hoo and covered with floating debris.  It’s a “mountain Tsunami” I stated, as we quickly decided to jump on our tubes and take advantage of this thrilling opportunity!  The smaller rapids were now medium rapids, but the best awaited us around the bend! By the time we reached the guys, Tom’s chair sitting on dry ground minutes before, was now surrounded by water.

Sharon and I threw caution into the wind, quickly deciding to tube the first set of rapids, which were now amazing!!!  Once visible rocks were now submerged under several inches of water, creating 2-3 foot drops and dips in the whitewater, sending us bouncing all over the place and up into the air at times.  We held on and squealed with delight as we flew along, getting out at the bottom and doing it again numerous times over! We were totally soaked in the end and quite chilly, but decided it was totally worth it, deeming it the best ride of the summer!!!  The water went down as fast as it came up, and we felt blessed to have watched this amazing show of Nature!

rachelle siegrist tubing.jpg
Playing at the river with Chance

We went back a few more times throughout the week, enjoying a picnic and playing in the water with Tom and Sharon’s grandson Chance one evening, and  I was delighted when a gentleman, teaching his grandson to kayak, asked if I would like to sit in it and try it out.  Of course I jumped at the chance to try the shorty kayak, which was a different design than ours, deciding it was indeed as much fun as it looked!

We were so thankful to get a wee bit of some much needed rain here this past week, and I think our resident critter friends were just as delighted to get it!  We were thrilled to have our one of our resident Box Turtles show up on our front porch one morning, so I took her a fresh tomato, which she quickly devoured!  Another evening, friend Kit, spotted this baby Katydid sitting on one of my roses.  I was most impressed to see it showing off it’s keen sense of the use of complimentary colors!

A very happy Box turtle and a baby Katydid

It has been a very social week for us as well, starting with an end of the summer party at friends Chet and Claudette’s beautiful log home in the nearby mountains of Walland.  Lots of laughter and great conversation filled the air, as tasty food was being enjoyed, but I must admit the highlight of the evening for all was the chocolate fountain!!

rachelle siegrist with a chocolate fountain

Then there was Taco night at neighbor friends Mike and Deb’s beautiful log home, which started off with us all enjoying her legendary “World’s Best Dip”!  In no time at all we had reduced the mountain of dip to the size of a small mole hill! We laughed the night away, as Wes told stories of happenings in the neighborhood over the years. Another evening we enjoyed playing Mexican Train at friends Fred and Barb’s house, and the weeks happening culminated with a dinner party at neighbor friend’s Dick and Elise’s gorgeous home, with Tom and Sharon joining us!  The air was filled with wonderful conversation as we enjoyed delicious food, and ended with the group relaxing as Wes told funny stories about life in Townsend, before they all moved here.  Elise, an accomplished pianist, has a beautiful baby grand piano, so we’re greatly anticipating many wonderful memories being made in their beautiful music room during future sing alongs!

~ Recently Off the Easels ~

I finished my miniature dog painting this past week, featuring two adorable Labradoodles, which I photographed in Easton, MD last year during the Waterfowl Festival.  Looking almost like muppets, I just had to paint these adorable two, and thought how the look on the large dog’s face appeared as if she had been left the tedious duty of keeping the little one out of mischief.

The_Babysitter labradoddle dog painting_by_Rachelle_Siegrist.jpg
My latest dog painting “The Babysitter”

Wes finished his miniature landscape painting of a sunlit section of the stunning Sequoias, located in Sequoia National Park.  It’s truly amazing to stand amongst those giant trees, a dream come true for a treehugger like me!  Driving into the park during our first visit, and catching my first glimpse of those ancient trees filled my eyes with tears and my spirit with sheer wonder and delight!

“A Path in the Ancient Woods” by Wes

painting a dog painting by rachelle siegrist - 1.jpg

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle



4 thoughts on “Summer Places and Social Graces!

  1. Susan and Douglas Hoff

    We are loving the croc…the expression and teeth and reflection are so truly scary…wonderful work!! And congrats on your recent honors. Careful out there on your Rapids! Love Susan and Doug

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