New Baby and Miniature Paintings!

New Baby  . . . Miniature Paintings and More RiverFun !

by Rachelle Siegrist

Baby portrait.jpg
Our Precious Raelynn

We recently welcomed a precious new addition to my family!  My sister Hayley had a beautiful little girl they named Raelynn, and I already can’t wait to meet her!!!  My Mom has spent the past week with Hayley, as she’s recovering from a C-section, while also helping her to care for the baby.  I’m so enjoying the photos of her I’ve been getting, and especially love the one above.

Wes and Chance collecting leaves

While we’ve spent much of our time in the studio at our easels, Wes has been doing a few more jobs around the house, and we also enjoyed time spent at the river this past week, taking advantage of the lingering warm weather and abundant sunshine!  I spent one afternoon in particular at the river with friends Sharon and Tom, and it was one of those picture perfect days!  A brilliant blue sky above and an abundance of sunshine made us melt from relaxation as we lounged on our tubes and on our favorite big rock in the middle of the water.  A gentle breeze filled the air with leaves dancing and swirling their way to the water’s surface below. We floated slowly down the river,  belly down on our tubes gazing into the crystal clear water below, watching the occasional fish swim underneath.  Alas we quickly determined we could happily do this forever!

Rachelle and Chance at River.jpg
Chance sharing his thoughts on the upcoming presidential race

Friday evening we enjoyed more river time with our little buddy Chance.  He rode the rapids in his “oval boat” while Sharon and I rode our tubes.  We had a picnic on the stone covered beach, finishing it off with double stuffed Oreos, a perfect late summer picnic dessert!  I recalled to mind the words of wisdom I recently read in a short story in one of my magazines, written by an admiring grandchild about her grandmother.  She was told by her . . . “We must have high-flying fun like a child, no matter how old we are” and “Always remember, life is sweet, even when it isn’t.  The simplest things in life are the grandest.”  I thought as I read, how these wise words are lived out at the river!

Wes siegrist and Chance on rock.jpg
The little rock climber

Excitedly we have two upcoming shows featuring several of our miniature paintings that will also be available for sale.  The Kentucky National Wildlife Art Exhibition, located in Hendersonville, KY, and the 33rd Annual Miniature Art Exhibition, held at the Fells Point Gallery in Baltimore, MD.


Rachelle Siegrist's paintings in the 33rd Fells Point Miniature Show.jpg

~ Currently on  the Easels ~

I finished another dog painting this past week of a beautiful Spaniel which I photographed while in Charleston. SC, while exhibiting at SEWE last year.  It’s painted on silk, and was such a joy to do!

#englishspringerspanielpainting #dogpainting #spanieldogpainting
My latest dog painting “Admiration

Wes finished his miniature painting of a swan this past week, which we photographed while visiting a plantation in southern Georgia with another artist friend this past year.  The lighting was just perfect and we knew it was a painting as soon as we took the photo!

swan painting Bathed-In_Light_by_Wes_Siegrist.jpg
Bathed in Light” by Wes

dog painting, commission a dog painting

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


2 thoughts on “New Baby and Miniature Paintings!

  1. Cher Laske

    I didn’t realize that you lived in Townsend! I live outside of Franklin, Tennessee! Anytime you are close! Give me a call! Much love, and many hugs, Cher

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