Water…Sun…and treats!

Kayaking in Fall!

by Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist kayaking fall.jpg
Heading out

It was a glorious day, with clear blue skies above as we started our kayaking adventure early one morning this past week!  We had only been paddling a few minutes when we noticed Tree Swallows everywhere, literally hundreds of them, surrounding Wes, Kit and me, swooping and diving, and dipping down into the water at times!  It was a magnificent ballet gracefully preformed by flying winged acrobats, and it was beautiful to watch!  I delightedly exclaimed “Oh Wow!!” constantly surrounded by them as they zoomed right by me at times!  (Special thanks to Kit for some of the photos this week!)

kayaking with tree swallows.jpg
Birds . . . birds everywhere!

Happenings like this are nothing short of magical to me, and I always count myself blessed to experience them!  The aerial ballet went on for quite sometime as we paddled along, admiring the trees bathed in gold and red coming into view.  Flying acrobats and stunning fall color were not the only surprises in store, as we soon paddled up alongside this amazing nest, which was a real work of art!

osprey nest .jpg
Thanks Kit for this great photo of the nest

Every bend brought more glorious fall color and I couldn’t contain my “Ooooh’s and Ahhhh’s” as I blissfully floated along admiring this splendid colorful show of nature!

kayaking in fall wes siegrist.jpg
Here comes Wes

We started up a small stream winding our way around sharp bends, the golden foliage tunneling above us, until we came upon the perfect spot for a picnic in the sun!  Out came the sandwiches and other goodies, as we relaxingly sat on the pebble beach, serenaded by nature’s symphony of chirping crickets,  rustling leaves and the babbling stream beside us.  We had discovered yet another perfect “restaurant” indeed!

wes siegrist kit gentry kayaking.jpg
Wes and Kit enjoying lunch

Soon it was time to pack up and say goodbye to our beautiful picnic spot, and off we went, passing the golden-hued forest nestling the narrow stream.  The crystal clear water afforded views of fish swimming below, and I was delighted to see several, with one of them being a large Smallmouth Bass!  All too quickly our time on the water had come to an end, and we were loading up the kayaks and heading home.

wes siegrist kayaking in fall.jpg
Wes and me enjoying the splendid fall color

We joined friends Tom, Sharon and their grandson Chance for an evening of trick or treating while visiting a few of the neighbor’s houses Friday, in search for anything chocolate!  Chance made the cutest little Indian we had ever seen, and quickly caught onto the idea of ringing the doorbell in exchange for compliments and candy!  Our group looked like a real menagerie including a little Indian, a cowgirl, a farmer and his little pet “pig”, a black cat and an escaped convict!

Me (holding Bailey), Wes, Chance, Tom, Sharon and Judy

We started Chance’s candy collecting journey at neighbors Judy and Ernie’s house, ending the evening on Kit’s front porch!  Even their precious little Yorkie Bailey, dressed in his piggy costume, seemed to thoroughly enjoy the evening adventure!

The farmer and his little “piggy” and the cute little Indian

~ Fresh Off  the Easels ~

I finished my latest dog painting of a beautiful Golden Retriever obviously enjoying one of his favorite places . . . the water!  I greatly enjoyed watching him play while retrieving toys and sticks from the frigid water late one summer afternoon.  Bathed in glowing sunlight, I knew he had to be painted, and the title serves as a double meaning, since the water and sun is my happy place too!  I’m currently painting a commission of two best buds, a precious dog named Ivy and cat named Calvin, and I can’t wait to share it, along with their touching story with you next week!

dog painting, golden retriever painting, dog commission
“In My Happy Place” by me ready for the Waterfowl Festival

Wes finished his miniature landscape painting of a beautiful scene from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge.  We enjoyed visiting this lovely national gem several years ago, while in Easton, MD, exhibiting at the Waterfowl Festival.  The painting features over a dozen Mallards carefully painted in the tiny setting, drawing the viewer in while searching for them all!  Come see this as well as 40 other miniature paintings by us at the upcoming 45th Waterfowl Festival, November 10th-13th.  Wes and I will be in the Avalon Theater this year!

landscape painting, waterfowl painting, duck painting
“Mallards at Blackwater Refuge” by Wes

dog painting, commission a dog painting

~ To Commission A Painting by Us Click Here!

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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