Fabulous Fun With Friends in the Fall!

Hiking and Kayaking with Friends in Fall!

by Rachelle Siegrist

blog - 1.jpg
Wes and me just relaxing

Boy has it ever been a busy week!  Not only are we getting everything ready to head to Easton, MD for the upcoming Waterfowl Festival, but I also finished my latest pet portrait commission, which will be featured on a special post this Wednesday, and we’ve been enjoying spending time with friends visiting the area.  One day this past week was spent on the water again, paddling with friend Linda, while taking in all of the stunning fall color remaining in our area!

fun kayaking.jpg
Boy . . . it doesn’t get much better than this!

Linda was delighted to paddle where water and mountains meet, enjoying the best of two worlds!  We spent time watching an Osprey soar above, then suddenly dive into the water below several times, sending great big splashes into the air each time!  While paddling along at times we were surrounded by dozens of warblers checking and calling to one another!  Turtles and fish were also spotted while heading to the perfect picnic spot.  The sounds of a gentle breeze rustling the leaves mixed with chirping crickets filled the air, as we watched golden leaves swirling slowly through the air, landing on the glassy water’s surface below.

It was mesmerizing to say the least, and soon we found ourselves completely relaxed as we sat there enjoying lunch!  But alas there was more exploring to do, so we loaded the kayaks and off we went, traversing different areas, joyfully finding more stunning fall color with every bend in the river!  Linda and I decided we could easily spend the entire day there on the glassy surfaced water, with blue skies above.  Truly a happy place, where time stands still and troubles disappear!

Linda and me happily surrounded by the beauty of fall

We decided to take advantage of the unbelievably gorgeous fall weather and do an evening hike in the nearby Tremont region of the Smokies.  It was a glorious evening, with perfect temperatures, as we walked along Middle Prong Trail with friends Tom and Sharon.  We found just the right spot for a picnic supper, announcing that it’s amazing how much better everything tastes when eaten in the woods!  It was most peaceful hearing only the sounds of rustling leaves as we walked along the winding path.

rachelle siegrist middle prong trail.jpg
Tom, Sharon and me enjoying our rock top picnic

Friday we joined Wes’ childhood buddy, and best man in our wedding, Jim and his family, as well as about a dozen of their friends who were visiting the Smokies.  It was another picture perfect afternoon as we hiked in the Elkmont region of the Smokies.  After Wes gave a brief history lesson about the area and historical cabins still standing, we were off on a hike along the Little River Trail.

hiking little river trail in fall.jpg
A beautiful day for a walk in the woods

The air was filled with much conversation as we went along and I must admit a personal highlight was meeting a meteorologist named Randal, who shared stories with me about tornadoes and numerous storm chasing trips! That’s something my brother and I have always wanted to do, so needless to say I was thrilled to hear all about it, and totally impressed with his vehicle tag which, although missing letter, read as tornado!

Wes and Jim demonstrate that even big boys like to climb on rocks


Saturday brought more fun with friends, as we met up in the Clingman’s Dome parking lot with friend David and his family visiting the area, Paul, Sharon and Daniel.  The frigid air had us suiting up before heading down the Andrews Bald trail!  It was yet another splendid fall day and I was dazzled by the beauty of the abundant bright red Mountain Ash berries everywhere, which were absolutely stunning against the brilliant blue sky!

Laughter could be heard miles away coming from our happy group as we hiked along telling stories  and catching up after us having not seen them in over a year!  Time flies when you’re having fun and we soon found ourselves leaving the seclusion of the forest and walking out onto the grassy topped bald, and of course it was beautiful!  We picked out the perfect location for our lunch, spread out a blanket and settled in for awhile.


Of course during our mountaintop picnic we did more laughing than anything, and at times I was bent in two, holding my stomach in pain and wiping tears from my eyes!  I love to laugh and play in the woods with friends, and can’t think of a better way to spend a day!  Both hillarious and unbelievable stories were told and even some with a bit of truth to them, all while enjoying the warmth of the sun and intense beauty surrounding us!  Then a smile covered my face, when our friends pulled out a brand new box of Swiss Miss Rolls, a special favorite treat that spans many years of hiking with the Wietlisbach gang!  Soon it was time head back down the trail, and we were off still talking and laughing as we went.

Sharon, Paul, me, Wes, David and Daniel at the top

Sometime later we arrived back at the parking lot and couldn’t believe the amount of people and cars there!  It looked like we were at Disney World and was hard to imagine the complete serenity we enjoyed just a couple of miles away on the bald!  We had enjoyed another awesome day hike together and as soon as we said goodbye were already looking forward to their next visit!!

chimney tops trail in the fall.jpg
Unbelivable . . . cars parked along the road way before the Chimney Tops parking area!

Come see us and over 40 of our exquisite miniature paintings during the upcoming 45th Waterfowl Festival, November 10th-13th.

Wes and I will be in the Avalon Theater this year!

dog painting, commission a dog painting

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


4 thoughts on “Fabulous Fun With Friends in the Fall!

  1. Paul

    Love your blog Rachelle !!! We had so much fun and promise not to take as long to come back next time. My Gosh, we had some laughs ! LOL over your observation that “some” of the stories had some truth. Haha. Cant wait to see you guys again soon !

    1. Thanks Paul 🙂
      We too had such great fun and as always very much enjoyed our time and laughs shared with you all!!! Well, I hated to divulge that little fact about the lack of truth present in many of our stories, but felt the need to actually be honest . . . Ha Ha!!! Okay, we’ll remember your promise for not waiting so long before your next visit!!
      Rachelle 🙂

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