Painting Fabulous Pets & The Waterfowl Festival!

 Painting a Pet Portrait!

by Rachelle Siegrist

dog painting commission, cat painting commission, cute pet portrait
“Best Buds”

Most of us have special furry and/or feathered friends, and what better way to honor the importance they play in our lives, than to have them forever immortalized like gems in a miniature painting!  Special pet portraits call for a special title . . . and there’s a special story indeed behind this title, as they really are “Best Buds”!  

These two really love each other and it’s so very sweet!! Ivy was almost a year old, when a darling kitten named Calvin, became part of their family.  One day Ivy was seen by her mom, carrying Calvin in her mouth by his scruff. She jumped up onto a chair and started washing him like he was her baby! The two special friends sleep together, Calvin washes her nose, and Ivy spends many nights spooning her special little friend. 

Even more adorable than the kinship between Ivy and Calvin, is the friendship between Ivy and her mom.  I think those of you who too have very special furry and feathered friends in your lives, will find what she shared with me about her relationship with Ivy as touching and moving as I did!!!

“You and Wes are very special folks and I’m honored that you are painting my love. Ivy and I have a closeness that I’ve never had with any other animal. She has been both child and parent to me: helping heal when I’m sick, drawing me out, teaching me that I can love even more than I could have ever imagined. She looks at me with human eyes that both mock me and love me to the very core.” 

Ivy and Calvin were such a joy to paint, especially after hearing their story and learning of their special friendship!  Is there a special someone in your family which you would love to cherish forever as miniature portrait? Well, it’s easy, just contact us at

Would you love to marvel at our miniature paintings and experience the magic and enchantment in person? Well if you’re planning to be in the Easton, MD area this weekend, November 10th-13th, this is your chance! We will have 41 miniature paintings at the Waterfowl Festival, and something is different this year which has never happened before at one of our shows! So come find out what it is and take the challenge of looking for “gnat man”. . . you can find him with the magnifying glass!!!  For more information about the show, visit their website at the Waterfowl Festival, (Wes and I will be in the Avalon Theater this year!)
Looking for ways and ideas to display your Siegrist miniatures in your home or office?  Here are a few splendid examples from our collectors!

great home decor ideas

dog painting, commission a dog painting

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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