Tis’ Better To Give Than Receive!

Giving At Christmastime And Always!

by Rachelle Siegrist

“In Between Meals” 

Isn’t getting something you’ve really wanted for a long time most exciting?  As exciting as it may be, I really believe many times giving is better!  When I think of the joy I have brought to family and friends through the years by giving something, usually a painting or drawing of something or someone special, it brings me indescribable joy! Especially when it’s of a child, grandchild, beloved pet or a favorite bird, flower or place, and the sheer delight of receiving it is written all over their faces!

“A Winter Cascade” 

I was taught to give while growing up, and many times it included acts of service.  Some of my fondest Christmastime memories are wrapped up in giving of my time and myself to others.  I remember spending countless hours, contentedly wrapping donated toys for underprivileged children, and it always made me feel so happy knowing how those simple toys were going to brighten their Christmas!  Handing them out to the children in the park and seeing their excitement and smiling faces, was always such a gift to me in return!

“In My Happy Place”

Serving meals to the homeless in a local mission, was another highlight for me as well, and I considered myself blessed to be able to participate in doing so!  As a teenager I even bought canned goods for one homeless gentleman in particular,  leaving them in a certain location where I knew he would come and get them, and I looked forward to doing that quite often, as it became a very important to me.

“Ocean Compliments”

Hayrides were also a part of our Christmas traditions, and were even better when our youth group started making up gift baskets overflowing with food, delivering them to elderly people and shut-ins that couldn’t get out easily or afford much.  The surprise covering their precious faces, when our carol singing group knocked on their door and handed a basket to them, was priceless and filled us with such joy!  Our youth group also went to the nursing homes every Christmas where we would sing carols for the residents, knowing the entire time how much we were brightening their day.  For me personally, this was most important and enjoyable, since older people have always held a special place in my heart, thanks to the important role my Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles played in my life!

“A Herd Of Deere”

So this Christmas I challenge you to experience the true joy of Christmas . . . Giving!  Be it something special for that special person, or inviting a friend or neighbor who will spending Christmas alone this year, over for dinner.  Do something for somebody else . . . it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself!

“A Tennessee Farmstead”


~ Currently on the Easels ~

We’re currently in the beginning stages of one commission, where different compositional sketches are done for the collector, from which a favorite will be chosen and hence the painting process started!  Wes has made much progress on the other commission, and our collector is greatly enjoying seeing the painting come to life, as Wes sends him images of the latest progress on the painting.

red-shouldered hawk and crow painting by wes siegrist.jpeg
The latest progress on Wes’ commission “A Bad Day At The Office”

Is there something or someone special that you would love to have as a painting to enjoy and cherish? ~ Contact us!


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle

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