Painting, Reading and Whooooo!

Painting . . . Reading and Whooooo!

by Rachelle Siegrist

siegrist snow picture.jpg

What a difference a week makes . . . At least in the weather that is!  Wearing capris and sandals this weekend, it’s hard to imagine it was just last weekend, when temps barely hovered above zero a couple of nights in a row!  Not to mention it took nearly half an hour just to suit up to go snow tubing and sledding!  However, We had a blast once again last Sunday afternoon snow tubing with friends, and  I personally fell in love with a new way to enjoy it.  After watching Wes fly down the hill, belly down on the tube, I just had to try it and was instantly hooked!  Each time I hit one certain bump, the tube and I flew up into the air, landing on the snow several feet in front of me before zooming down the remainder of the hill!  It was exhilarating to say the least, and although no one else proved brave enough to try it, I went down dozens of times more that way, now preferring that method!

rachelle siegrist polar boots.jpg
Now who could those pink snow boots belong to?

The overcast skies and daily showers this past week, created perfect days for painting in the studio, so needless to say, we got a lot of painting time in!  But when you desperately want to get out kayaking, hiking, tubing etc and can’t, the next best thing of course is to read about it.  So my recent favorite read, is a book titled “Still Waters, White Waters, Exploring America’s Rivers and Lakes” by Ron Fisher, published in 1977.  A terrific book, written in such a way, that I felt like I personally made the trip down each river with the group, whilst reading along.  My personal favorite was the chapter pertaining to their journey down the beautiful Suwanee River, as I would love to kayak part of it some day!

eastern screech owl gray morph
Sweet Shivers the Screech-Owl

The mild temperatures this past week have made it possible to enjoy breakfast with my feathered friends on the back porch several mornings.  Indeed a rare treat in January, here in the Smokies!  Wes and I were thrilled to recently discover that we now have two resident Eastern Screech-Owls living in our bird box!  Almost every evening, when we sit down for supper, either the soft gray head of Shivers, or the beautiful rusty-colored head of Rufous, pokes out the hole.  At first their eyes are barely open, but as the sun dips lower into the sky, they start getting bigger and become more alert, while watching the ground nearby.  Then as the last light of the day fades, they shoot out of the box at a high rate of speed, and if you’re not watching very intently, you’ll surely miss it!

Rufous . . . or maybe Sienna the Screech-Owl

How did they get those names you ask?  Well Shivers comes from my late Grandpa Jackson, as he always called Screech-Owls, shiverin’ owls, because he said it sounded like they were shiverin’ when they gave that familiar “Whooooooo” which warbled up and down quickly emerging from the dark forest.  Wes recently came up with the name Rufous, and I must admit I’m still not quite sure about it, for if it’s a girl, she may not appreciate that name as much and may prefer something more elegant like Sienna. But alas, time will tell.

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~ Fresh off the Easels ~

I finished my miniature landscape painting this past week, featuring a wonderful old barn, which I photographed during a trip out West.  I loved the dramatic lighting and lay of the shadows on the mountains below, making it quite enjoyable to paint.  We’re currently working on a commission as well.

My “In a Field of Gold”

Wes finished his miniature painting this past week of a Bison, which we watched and photographed while in Yellowstone.  It seems it’s always been very cold at one point each time we’ve visited Yellowstone, so I always think it quite smart of the Bison to enjoy the warm steamy air of the geysers.

bison painting, miniature bison painting by wes siegrist
“Iconic Yellowstone” by Wes


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


6 thoughts on “Painting, Reading and Whooooo!

  1. Paul

    I love that you guys have owls. Awsome ! I never heard of anybody having them in their bird boxes before. I always assumed they were more shy. Also on a side note, I just found out that when we are down there for our Mt. LeConte trip in August there will be a Total Solar Eclipse there. What great timing ! It will be the night after we stay on the mountain. We will hope to see you guys before then though. 🙂

    1. We do too . . . we think it’s awesome!!! Well, that’s because this is Snow White’s yard, that’s probably why they’re staying on the boxes 🙂
      We’re really looking forward to hopefully hiking up with you all to LeConte (We’ll just do a day hike).
      It sounds like the better viewing for the solar eclipse will be in the western part of the park, so we’ll have to plan to do a hike over there on that day!
      Hope to see you all before that as well 🙂

  2. Susan Hoff

    Lots more mud than snow here! I still can’t take down my Christmas lights…just hoping for maybe ONE real snow accumulation to see those twinkling lights sparkle through…my favorite time of year. Sounds like you are having a blast. Be careful with that tubing…you have those valuable fingers to protect:)

    Did you build those roosting boxes for the owls or purchase them…what a wonder to have them in your own yard. So neat! I could see an interpretation of the ‘waking’ of the Screech Owl…they really do have intriguing faces!

    Love to you both!

    1. Well don’t feel too bad Susan . . . we now have quite a bit of mud here too! Our snow has turned to daily rain showers, but thankfully at least no forest fires now! I do hope you get that one “Real” snow to enjoy seeing your twinkling lights in soon! Oh not to worry, those fingers were inside “marshmallow fluff” mittens . . ha ha 🙂
      Wes actually built them as regular bird houses, but the owls seem to have taken a real liking to them, and we’re SO enjoying having them in our yard and watching them! Yes, they do have wonderfully interesting faces!
      Love and hugs to you both as well 🙂

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