Exquisite Miniatures…A BIG hit at Spiva!

Exquisite Miniature Paintings Making a Big hit at The Spiva Center For The Arts!

by Rachelle Siegrist

Exquisite Miniatures exhibition at spiva arts center


Our Exhibition, Exquisite Miniatures curated by David J. Wagner L.L.C.,  recently opened at  The George A. Spiva Center For The Arts and it’s been a BIG hit so far!  This is the 23rd venue to host our exhibition so far, with at least eight more venues to come, spanning all the way into May of 2020!  This historical tour of our miniature paintings continues to both excite and amaze us!

Named after George A. Spiva, who helped establish Joplin’s first art center in 1958, this beautiful Arts Center is located in the historic Cosgrove Building in downtown Joplin, MO, and presents a delightful opportunity to see our miniature paintings in person if you live in or are visiting the area!  Exquisite Miniatures will remain on display until February 19, 2017. For more information about the Center and directions, visit their website at Spiva Center for the Arts.  In case you can’t make it there to see the exhibition in person, enjoy this photo tour compliments of the Spiva Art Center.

Meanwhile back at the studio, much of our time this past week was spent at our easels, as well as working on putting together our paper newsletters which will go out this coming week. However, we did enjoy taking a couple-hour break to go hiking with friends to Spruce Flats Falls. Sitting at the base of the falls, we relaxingly ate a sandwich, while absorbing the serene peace of the magnificent setting!  For some reason spending time in the presence of a waterfall makes everything feel better, and with every passing minute, I could feel my batteries recharging!  Tom convinced me it felt so refreshing to wade in the icy cold water, so I trustingly stepped in, and since my feet went numb almost instantly, it actually didn’t feel too bad. Of course when I got out a few minutes later my feet were cherry red and I jokingly felt them with my hand to make sure they were still there!  Somehow wading in the water, albeit frigid, gave a false sense of summer and was worth the bit of discomfort!

rachelle and wes siegrist with sharon and tom ranz at spruce flats falls.jpg
Tom, Sharon, me and Wes . . . you scan see who the two brave (or perhaps crazy) ones were!

~ Fresh off the Easels ~

I finished my architectural miniature painting this past week, featuring the stately Calhoun Mansion located in Charleston, SC.  This grand home was built in 1876 and was called the“handsomest and most complete private residence in the South” when it was built according to the Charleston News and Courier.  The beautiful 24,000 square foot mansion is considered one of the great post Civil War homes on the East Coast and was recently featured on A&E’s American Castles.  Albeit quite challenging to do in miniature, it was a joy to paint! This painting among many others can be seen in person at the upcoming 35th Annual Southeastern Wildlife Exposition In Charleston, SC, held February 16-19th.

“Calhoun Mansion, Charleston, SC” 

Wes finished his miniature painting this past week of an adorable ground squirrel which we enjoyed watching while visiting Wyoming. Such curious little critters, they seemed to be as interested in watching us as we were them!

“Wyoming Ground Squirrel” by Wes



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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle

2 thoughts on “Exquisite Miniatures…A BIG hit at Spiva!

  1. Bill Mundy

    Great blog Rachelle. We went to the Titanic exhibition when it reached Singapore a couple of years ago. Great isn’t it? I’m still on crutches and suffering after the knee replacement but hopefully by the end of March I should be active again
    Love from Bill and Claire

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