Boykin Spaniel Paintings

Boykin Spaniel Paintings!

by Rachelle Siegrist

Boykin Spaniel Painting, LBD painting, swamp poodle, commission a pet portrait
“A Southern L.B.D.”

The studio has been joyfully invaded by Boykin Spaniels the past couple of weeks!  Okay, so it wasn’t the real dogs, but with paintings.  I finished my miniature painting of a handsome Boykin named Colt, titled “A Southern L.B.D.” or little brown dog, as Boykins are sometimes affectionately called.  Colt lives in South Georgia, and his family has graciously brought him to the PWAF show the past couple of years, so that I can photograph him for paintings.  He is an absolutely gorgeous boy, and I’m pretty sure he knows it!  I have to think that when female Boykins see him, they certainly must give a sigh . . . ha ha!  Not only is he handsome but very sweet and so well mannered, influencing the title of the painting, as he is certainly a southern gentleman.  This Boykin Spaniel painting will be one of our many available works at the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Expo in Charleston, SC this month.

I’ve also been happily painting on a commission of a beautiful Boykin named Chili, also affectionately known as Chili Dog.  She is simply adorable and I was so delighted when they decided on this image of her enjoying “room service” at the Charleston Place Hotel. I’m told that “She is both a wonderful companion and terrific quail huntress.  She finds birds that the big dogs strut by and shows them how it’s done.  To see her in your picture and when she is playing around the house you would question her hunting skills but she turns on when she gets in the woods.”  I believe it proves that she is obviously well rounded and has a wonderful personality to boot!  I always love hearing stories about the special dogs I paint!

Chili in progress showing blanket color options

Sometimes seeing something makes it much easier than trying to envision it, and thus was the case deciding which color to make the blanket on which Chili is sitting.  So we printed off four copies of the painting in progress and I painted several color options.  As you can see it was decided to go with red, which will be very regal looking indeed once the metallic gold is painted in the background.  And for a lady huntress getting room service, there could be no less grandeur of course!  I’ll be sharing Chili’s delightful portrait painting with you on next week’s blog post after I’ve finished it.

If you are currently looking for a Boykin Spaniel, why not consider giving a forever home to a Boykin from Boykin Spaniel Rescue.


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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