NatureWorks, Orange Lips and A Pink Balloon!

Our 15th NatureWorks Art Show!

by Rachelle Siegrist

miniature paintings, wes and rachelle siegrist at NatureWorks Art show
Wes and me with our miniature paintings at NatureWorks

The fog was as thick as pea soup here in the Smokies last Thursday morning, as we boarded a jet headed to Tulsa, OK to participate in the NatureWorks Art Show this past weekend. Sometime during our flight, Wes exclaiming his lips were extremely dry, generously applied some chapstick I had given to him earlier. Totally absorbed in reading my book, I happened to glance over at him some time later, and audibly gasped in horror!!! For he had applied the chapstick in a excessive Ronald-McDonald-fashion nonetheless, to his lips and surrounding area, and what was suppose to be clear, was a bright, opaque orange chapstick instead!  He had been innocently grinning at the flight attendants and other people surrounding us all that time, and I quickly realized that was why some of them had been looking over at us! I immediately started laughing so uncontrollably that I couldn’t tell him what had happened, and tried to find a mirror, knowing that a picture is worth a thousand words! Poor Wes finally realized what was going on and managed to wipe it off, thankfully returning his face to a normal state. Needless to say, my stomach hurt for quite some time from laughing so hard and another priceless memory was made!

NatureWorks Art Show rachelle siegrist
Fun with friends at the artist party

We safely landed in Tulsa that afternoon, and that evening enjoyed a delightful time catching up with friends at the artist party! Friday morning we hung and carefully arranged our miniature paintings, before joining our friends once again for a wonderful artist luncheon, compliments of the NatureWorks group. That evening brought a wonderful surprise, when Wes was presented with the “Best of Show 2D” award! We were both honored and thrilled to receive this exciting award, and our grins grew even wider, when Wes sold the painting a few minutes into the opening reception!

A delighted Wes and me with his Best of Show 2D Award!

Saturday went by, and we joined several artist friends for dinner there in the hotel. Of course there was much laughter and crazy stories swapped as the evening passed, and our informal party culminated with a fun game of “soft touch” volley ball, after someone sent a pink balloon over to our table. We gently tapped the cotton candy pink balloon back and forth for quite some time, and laughed when we realized how easily we artists are entertained!

wes siegrist miniature paintings NatureWorks art show
Wes uses a “BIG” brush to clean the glass on our miniatures

Sunday morning kicked off with the annual NatureWorks awards brunch, and we realized we had indeed sat at the winners table, after four of us artists went up to collect our top awards! With tummies full, we headed into the show and were delighted to send a couple more of our miniature gems home with collectors! At the conclusion of the show, Wes and I helped several friends pack and load their work, before joining some for dinner that evening, where once again we enjoyed great food, abundant laughter and entertaining stories, some I’m still not quite sure are true!

NatureWorks wes and rachelle siegrist
Our fun dinner party with artist friends

A heartfelt thanks goes to to our collectors, both existing and new, that added our miniature paintings to your collections and to the wonderful NatureWorks group for taking such good care of us again this year!

The beautiful lobby and resident Koi at the Tulsa Renaissance Hotel, where NatureWorks is held


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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle



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