Water, Sunshine and Paddles!

Water, Sunshine and Paddles!

by Rachelle Siegrist

Ah . . . . Heaven on earth!

We were blessed with some beautiful weather this past week, so we decided to take advantage of it one morning while kayaking at a nearby lake. The drive along the Foothills Parkway revealed splendid views of the mountains, with crystal clear skies above! Soon we were climbing into the kayaks, and paddling our way across the lake.

What a beauty!

We decided to take advantage of the higher water levels and paddle back along a stream. Each curve in the meandering watery path, brought more lovely view, and we couldn’t believe our good timing when we happened upon a Great Blue Heron sitting atop a large stump, illuminated by the sun, he looked as if a spot light was set directly on him! As you can imagine, I snapped away with the camera, thinking to myself the entire time “Now this is a painting!” He graciously let me get several great shots, before flying off, his large wings swooping out, gently lifting him up and on his way along the creek.

It’s like kayakig on glass

We saw several fish, some large ones striking at times, making the water splash and creating a big sound! Peering down into the amazingly clear water, we watched them swim below as well, many times passing directly beneath us. Winding our way along, we discovered the pebble covered beach where we ate the last time we were there, was completely submerged, so we paddled along as far as we could go, and found another perfect small pebble beach, which served as an awesome picnic spot!

What a great lunch spot!

Even though I love peanut butter sandwiches, they always taste even better when eaten in the woods! After relaxing a bit, we decided to head back, so I paddled as far up as possible before letting the strong current catch me, sending me on my way through the small rapids, and even though small, it gave a wee thrill!

Enjoying the wee rapids

I love lounging back in my kayak while propping my legs up on the front and paddling with my arms at times. It makes you feel as if you’re swimming, only that way you can stay warm! Okay, I know it’s kind of cheating in a way, but for a water baby who loves to swim, but still hasn’t mastered resisting the painful effects of cold water, this method works pretty good!

Wes is scoping out our lunch spot

The wind had picked up that afternoon, so paddling back across the lake certainly gave us a workout. I must admit that even though it was hard at times, most of the time I was totally loving it, because of the choppy waves it was creating, rocking me and my beloved pink kayak back and forth, making me feel as if I was riding a float at the beach. Only we had this beautiful mountain beach all to ourselves!

What a beautiful place!

Of course the Bald Eagle leaving his lofty perch, and soaring right over us before flying off to the mountainside, added to the excitement and beauty of the day! Even though our kayaking adventures always end way too soon for me, it makes me start looking forward to our next adventure!

Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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