Enjoying Time With My Parents!

Enjoying time with my parents!

by Rachelle Siegrist

My parents arrived at our home here in the Smokies late last Wednesday. They’ve been thoroughly enjoying the cool mornings, while sitting and relaxing on the back porch, happily leaving behind the heat and humidity of south Florida for a few days! We spent a couple of hours at the river one afternoon, while friend Sharon and I took what may very well be our last tubing trip down! The icy cold water seemed even colder this time, especially when it totally soaked us going down the largest set of rapids!  Of course Mom and Dad got lots of laughs out of watching us, and it cracked everyone around up, when I exclaimed that Sharon’s legs looked like a naked chicken with her mountain-sized goose bumps!

rachelle siegrist in the smokies
Mom, Dad and me atop Look Rock Tower

Yesterday afternoon we took a leisurely drive up along the Foothills Parkway, while enjoying what little bit of fall color there is so far.  It appears that the warmer temps last week have obviously halted the color changing process, with most trees still being green and looking like summer!  Nonetheless, it was still a beautiful day and a perfect time to walk up to the Look Rock Tower, where we were treated to a 360 degree view of the surrounding mountains.

rachelle and wes siegrist
Mom, me and Wes by one of my happy places!

From there we drove along a narrow winding road, passing beautiful pastureland and homes nestled in hollers and tucked between mountains.  We ended up at the lake, where we watched sunlight dance on the rippled surface, looking like hundreds of diamonds.  Numerous sports cars and motorcycles either heading to, or returning from, an exhilarating drive along the Dragon, also entertained us as they passed by, with the most interesting being a motorcyclists wearing a big, furry sharks head, causing us to take a second look indeed!  This coming week has a full agenda, as we’re planning to enjoy seeing the sights and make new memories with my parents!

~ Fresh off the Easels ~

I recently finished this miniature portrait painting of my parents, to celebrate and honor their recent 50th wedding Anniversary!  As you can well imagine, they were both pleasantly surprised and very delighted!

Larry and Sally Davis 50th
“Mom and Dad”
commission miniature portrait painting
Shown with hands for scale

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


2 thoughts on “Enjoying Time With My Parents!

  1. Susan and Douglas Hoff

    Nice work! How proud they must be; Doug and I look forward to seeing your new works in person sooooon😃😃😃😃!!

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