Kayaking A Mountain Lagoon

Having Fun Camping, Kayaking and Hiking!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist kayaking

Wes and I enjoyed 3 splendid days whilst camping this past week!  The warmer weather was perfect for kayaking, and we enjoyed doing so each day we were there!  Starting out early each morning, the glassy surface made for easy paddling, and if we started to feel a bit too warm, we just dipped our feet into the chilly water and all was well.

wes siegrist kayaking

Huge rock formations rose up along both sides at times, sandwiching us between amazing sandstone sculptures.  Some had ledges running across in which moss, ferns and vines grew and hung down, making it look like the hanging gardens of Babylon in places!  I felt like I was kayaking in a mountain lagoon, as I paddled along, surrounded by all the lush beauty!

stone cliff formation

I stared in amazement as we rounded each bend in the stream, showcasing another stone wall with colors so intense at times, that they didn’t even look real!  Warm siennas ran down the cliff faces, created from the iron veins running horizontally across the rocks, adding warmth to their color and pairing beautifully with the variety of green mosses.

In several spots, thick, gargantuan-sized clumps of moss hung down, so laden with water, that chunks were about to fall, and felt amazingly soft and fluffy to the touch!  As you can imagine, I had to maneuver my kayak over to several of these beauties, just so I could feel them!

moss photo

The farther we paddled, the more stunning the scenery became, and we felt truly blessed to be able to enjoy such magnificent beauty!  Stone walls arching up so high, that in many areas we felt as if we were paddling through caves, with numerous water droplets hitting the water’s surface causing the sound to resonate through the tunnel-like areas.

rachelle siegrist kayaking2

Wildlife was abundant, especially birds, and their songs constantly filled the air, breathing such joy into the gorgeous setting.  One resident family of Canada Geese were quite friendly and as interested in watching us, as we were them! Four goslings constantly followed their parents, whether it be on water or land.  The water also teemed with abundant wildlife, with fish and Red-spotted Newts being spotted everywhere.  I enjoyed wading in the water upon several occasions, and delighted in watching the Bluegill come and check out my feet.

We spent afternoons hiking, while enjoying a different perspective of the stream below on occasion.  One trail in particular showcased an abundant variety of moss, which felt amazingly soft after an afternoon rain!

stone formation

The Reindeer Lichen in particular was immensely soft, feeling like what I imagine it would feel like to touch a big fluffy cloud, and I couldn’t resist stopping continually to gently pat it, getting Wes to even become enthralled by its softness!

rachelle siegrist hiking a trail

We hiked over stone bridges in places, narrow and high, granting beautiful views of the woodlands below.

a natural bridge

Of course we had to enjoy the views from both the top, and beneath, the stone walkways.

At other times we hiked to caves, with stone walls reaching for the sky, rising way above the small openings below, making us feel very, very miniature at times!

wes siegrist hiking

The cave walls are home to a variety of critters, including salamanders, which we spotted at one point.  Abundant Sandwort, ferns and mosses covered the moist, sandy floor, creating a bright green and striking contrast against the stone walls.

All too soon, our adventure had come to an end and it was time to return home once again, but we brought along with us many wonderful memories, and look forward to our next big adventure!


~ Recently off the Easels ~

Here’s one of my latest still life paintings, featuring a metal pheasant that belonged to my late granny, and an antique crock that belonged to Wes’ family.  I’m currently painting a Black-tailed Jack Rabbit, and will share it with you once it’s finished.


“Still Life Painting With Granny’s Pheasant II” 

This is a landscape commission which Wes did, featuring the collectors beautiful garden.

Wes Siegrist's painting Julia's Garden
“Julia’s Garden”

~ See our miniature paintings in person this week at these three locations ~

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May 2018: Picture This Gallery, Alberta, Canada

27th International Miniature Show
May 5 – June 2, 2018: Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

The Art of Miniature XXVI
May 6 – June 10, 2018: Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


5 thoughts on “Kayaking A Mountain Lagoon

  1. S Devine

    What breathtaking scenery in your mountain lagoon post! Is this in the Smoky Mountains? My husband and I are near Cherokee National Forest and go on regular “adventures” in the region (Seven Sisters waterfall in Coker Creek being our most recent). I would love to surprise him with a paddling or hiking location like this. It reminds me of Fall Creek Falls. If you can share the location I would be delighted.

    I am always inspired by your words and your artworks! Thank you! Sheila

    Apologies if you receive multiple copies of my email. I had a notification from WordPress that my earlier attempt didn’t go through and I should try to respond by posting online while they looked into the issue.

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. Thank you Shelia!!
      We had a wonderful time there, and also greatly enjoyed kayaking at Fall Creek Falls! It is Pickett Memorial State Park, and I’m sure he would absolutely love that as a surprise!
      I will have to check out Seven Sisters Waterfall too!
      Rachelle 😊

  2. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    What a great news letter Rachelle you are a master story teller. The 2 new paintings are incredible…. my my all those pickets Wes great job! Cheers to my favorite awesome Miniature Gurus can’t wait to see the next masterpieces.

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