So Who’s 29…Again?


Painting BIG and Small and Birthday Fun!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist birthday at melting pot

We started the week off with friends Fred and Barb taking us out for an early celebration of my birthday.  Friends Bill and Darlene also joined us, and after enjoying a yummy pizza for supper, our tastebuds were tantalized with a delicious chocolate feast at the Melting Pot!  We quickly consumed two pots of dark chocolate, into which we dipped assorted treats.  It really didn’t matter what we were dipping anyway, as it was all about the chocolate to me!  With an unsettled weather forecast for my birthday later that week, we decided at the last minute to go on a short hike, after weather conditions changed in our favor.

rachelle siegrist hiking

We chose to walk along a trail located not too far from where we live, which follows alongside a stream most of the way.  We walked far enough this time, to revisit the remnants of an old vehicle abandoned in the woods, reminding all who see it of a bygone era, of simpler times and ways.  We laughingly joked that this was the car Wes had graciously got me for my birthday, and I decided once it was fixed up a little and painted cotton candy pink, perhaps it would be quite cute!  There are several large boulders along the trail, and many I couldn’t resist exploring.

rachelle siegrist hiking in the smokies

We walked back into a cozy, little secluded spot, where we relaxingly sat and watched a couple of small waterfalls dancing over large rocks, filling the air with a welcomed mist and the delightful sounds of roaring water. Several Bay Rhododendrons were starting to bloom, showcasing clumps of delicate white and soft pink flowers against their bright green foliage.  This one in particular was especially beautiful, with the white water of the cascade flowing behind.

Rhododendron blossom in the smokies

While I have spent much of my time this past week at the easel, and Wes has been busily working with his SAA job, we did manage to paint our basement walls and floors, and are both quite happy to have that job now marked off the to do list!

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~ Recently off the Easels ~

I just finished painting my latest pet portrait miniature of a precious girl named Lucy.  Before photographing her, I had brushed her extensively while fixing her fur, and I do believe she was feeling quite beautiful, while posing and sporting her new coiffure for me afterwards!  Currently on my easel is a miniature painting of two turkeys which I’ll be sharing with you next week.  Wes is working on a Spotted Sandpiper which we photographed on one of our recent kayaking trips.

dog painting Lucy Mason by rachelle siegrist
“Sweet Lucy” 

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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