Paddling Our Cares Away

Trying Out The New InFlatable Fishing Kayak!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist

We were blessed with a beautiful day this past week here in the Smokies, so we took advantage of it and headed to the woods!  We took along our kayaks this time, including Wes’ new fishing kayak so that he could try it out.  Amazingly it inflated very quickly with a hand pump, and within minutes we were loaded and on our way. Unfortunately Wes forgot to order a longer paddle when he ordered the kayak, so it made it a little difficult for him using the shorter one.  However, next time he’ll have a longer paddle and it will be much easier!

wes siegrist

The water’s surface was like glass as we started paddling, mirroring the surrounded trees  adorned with lingering orange and yellow fall leaves.  It was serenely beautiful, and I imagined the trees admiring themselves in their mirrored reflections below.

rachelle siegrist 2

Peering down into the crystal clear water, I noticed that it almost looked as if I were floating in mid-air while passing over a pebble covered surface below, with larger rocks scattered about. Kingfishers zipped by at a high rate of speed, as if  late for a very important date!  We also passed various sized turtles sitting atop logs whilst soaking up the wonderful gift of warm sunlight!

wes siegrist in fishing kayak

We found a rocky bank, where we could disembark and stretch our legs whilst enjoying the warmth of the sun on our own skin!  I also decided to try out the inflatable kayak at that point, and decided it very nice indeed, telling Wes that I could easily snuggle up in it and sleep while floating underneath a star studded sky on a warm summer night!  Later that day arriving back at the place where our adventure had started earlier,  we decided it was another wonderful memory!

rachelle siegrist3

Much of this past week brought gray skies and rain.  Yesterday morning was another chilly, rainy day, the barren trees standing like skeletons against the pale gray sky. So I bundled up and sat on the back porch while eating my breakfast and feeding my critter friends. Suddenly I heard a massive wind gust heading my direction and watched as it bent the trees almost 90 degrees in one direction, as it passed through. Each time another strong gust blew through, I was amazed at the sheer power of this invisible force, watching as the flexible trees looked like a yoga class preforming their morning stretches.  I then realized I had allowed myself to see great beauty in an otherwise cold, rainy gray day.

 ~ Currently on the Easels ~ 

It’s been quite busy again here in the Siegrist studio, with Wes working on SAA office things and me happily back at the easel. I’ve begun painting on a collection consisting of six tiny, round miniatures featuring different songbirds painted on silk.  This collection includes, a Carolina Chickadee, Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren, American Goldfinch and a Blue Jay.  I will share images of them as I’m painting on them and then once they’re completed. The collection of “Songbirds on Silk” will debut at the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition in Charleston, SC. in February.

chickadee songbird painting on silk by rachelle siegrist
My Carolina Chickadee in progress

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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