A Once In A Lifetime Encounter

Kayaking With A White-tailed Buck!

By Rachelle Siegrist

rachelle siegrist

Have you ever had an encounter, one so magical that you kept pinching yourself because you knew it just couldn’t be real?  Well thankfully, Ive been blessed to have a few of these all involving nature, and Wes and I had another truly amazing encounter this past week. Surely being a once in a lifetime experience,  I can’t tell you how thankful I am, that we were in the right place at the right time!  One day this past week, gray skies finally parted revealing a brilliant blue sky, allowing ample sunshine to once again fill our world!  It was glorious and we decided to spend part of it kayaking.  Soon we were unloading our kayaks and merrily paddling along, and after kayaking quite sometime, all of a sudden I heard a huge splash!

white-tailed buck swimming

At first I thought maybe an overzealous fisherman had fallen into the water near where Wes was a little ways ahead of me, but realized there were no other boats around us.  Thinking next it was perhaps a Black Bear, I spotted the big brown head of a White-tailed Buck sporting a 10-point rack, having dove in from the bank, and swimming over towards Wes.

white-tailed buck swimming6

He kept coming closer and closer, and Wes started thinking he was actually gonna try and climb into his kayak!  He drew closer until reaching a stick, which barely caught on his antler, causing him to turn and swim the other direction.

white-tailed buck swimming4

By that time, I was close by Wes and sat motionless as I watched it all, not believing what we were seeing!  We thought maybe he was hurt and Wes thought about the possibility of carefully pulling him to the shore if he appeared to be drowning.  But alas he seemed to be perfectly fit, breathing strong breaths filling the air with steam each time he exhaled.

white-tailed buck swimming5

Kicking with long muscular limbs, he swam along the middle of the water, occasionally steering toward the bank, at which point we thought surely he would get out.  However,  he always turned back into the deeper part of the water and just kept swimming until he swam out of sight!

white-tailed buck swimming3

After we could no longer see him, we sat there in a daze and total disbelief of what we had just witnessed.  Thinking it truly a magical encounter, and one that we would probably never see again, we decided that he was obviously swimming for the sheer joy of it!  I told Wes that he was probably so overcome with joy at seeing sunshine again, he just had to go for a swim!  Needless to say, that’s all we could talk about for the rest of the day while being thankful for this most amazing experience and the fact that he swam to Wes who had the phone to get a video of it all!

white-tailed buck swimming7

~ Fresh Off The Easel ~

My family welcomed a new addition this past October, when my sister had a precious little girl, named Skylar.  I had such fun doing this drawing of her, with her head laying in her mom’s hand, while contentedly sleeping.

drawing of a baby by Rachelle Siegrist

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle


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