Visiting The Speed Art Museum

Visiting Wes’ Family and The Speed Art Museum!

By Rachelle Siegrist

hike with rachelle siegrist 2
Wes and Greg hiking the farm

Wes and I arrived in Southern Indiana last Saturday afternoon, just in time to enjoy a hike around Wes’ brother Greg’s recently purchased farm, and after driving in heavy holiday traffic, it was a welcome treat!  They have received as much rain there as we have here in the Smokies, so we had to wear rubber boots to hike through the muddy trail.  The sun came out to boot, making it even better, and I don’t know who enjoyed it more, me or Greg’s precious dog Zeus!  It was such fun exploring the woods and small old abandoned outbuildings, such as a canning house and hunting cabin, with Opossum Lodge primatively painted on the outside.


Zeus and an interesting mushroom by the creek

The next afternoon we were in for another treat, as we headed to Speed Art Museum located in nearby Louisville.  It had been a few years since we had been there, and it is always a joy for Wes and I to be able to visit this wonderful museum, while spending hours admiring the vast collections!

rachelle wes siegrist speed art museum
Wes’ Dad said to stand against the wall, so I did…Ha Ha

I always find favorites while visiting, and this painting of “Springtime” by Norman Rockwell was one of them this time, bringing to mind green leaves, flowers and ample sunshine!

norman rockwell painting springtime
Ah . . . I love Norman Rockwell and Springtime!

The collection of still life paintings on display are always amazing, with many of the Dutch Masters stealing the show, with numerous wee surprises, such as dragonflies, butterflies, and other tiny critters located throughout the highly detailed paintings.

speed art museum rachelle siegrist
Jeanie and I looking closely at one of the many beautiful still life paintings

Another amazing room to visit is the English Renaissance Room, moved there from England and reassembled inside the museum.  It makes one feel as if you’ve slipped back in time hundreds of years, and are standing inside a vast castle!

speed art museum wes siegrist
Wes and George stand in the English Renaissance Room

Wes and I are always excited to see miniature paintings, such as this Cabinet Miniature of “Venus and Mars” by Johannes Rottenhammer.

johannes rottenhammer venus and mars at speed art museum

I thought it most interesting to see where there term cabinet miniature originated long ago, and is told in the photo below.

cabinet miniature johannes rottenhammer venus and mars

Getting to see a Book of Hours in person is always a real treat as well, since the gold and silver absolutely shimmer and gleam paired against the brilliant colors of egg tempera!

book of hours at speed art museum
A Book of Hours from about 1430-1440

Another highlight of the visit was riding in this brilliant hot pink elevator, which I absolutely fell in love with!  Even though I always take the stairs, I chose to ride on this happy bright elevator, featuring my favorite color!

rachelle siegrist at speed art museum
Best elevator ever!

Christmas Eve and day were spent with family at Wes’ parents house, and Zeus and I enjoyed several nice long walks and games of stick and ball throwing and catching in yard.  Of course we had to watch Home Alone one evening as that’s a tradition for me, and although I’ve seen it dozens of times, I still laugh like it was the first!  We’re now back in the studio with paintings on the easels!

wes and rachelle siegrist
Karen, Tony, Jeanie, me and Wes

~ Fresh Off The Easel ~

I’ve finished painting a collection consisting of six tiny, round miniatures featuring different songbirds painted on silk.  This collection includes, a Carolina Chickadee, Cardinal, Tufted Titmouse, Carolina Wren, American Goldfinch and a Blue Jay. My collection of “Songbirds on Silk” will debut at the upcoming Southeastern Wildlife Exhibition in Charleston, SC. in February.

My “Songbirds on Silk”

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Until next time . . .

~ Rachelle



4 thoughts on “Visiting The Speed Art Museum

  1. Hi folks, hope had a good Christmas- like you I really love Norman Rockwell’s work. Wishing you a very happy new year. Sorry we won’t be seeing you at the MASF exhibibiton in January. Bill and Claire x

    1. Hi Bill and Claire,
      We did, and I hope you both did as well! Yes, Rockwell’s paintings are not only masterpieces, but make you feel happy too! We’re going to miss not seeing you in Florida this year as well. We’ll be attending the opening for our Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition in Hickory, NC that weekend. Happy New Year!!
      Hugs 🤗

  2. Barbara Lewis

    Happy New Year Wes and Rachelle! I always look forward to catching up with you two – and especially reading your blog about your adventures, etc. Glad that you got to spend time with family and enjoyed your holidays! Wishing the absolute BEST in the coming year too!

    Happy Painting! Barbara Lewis


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