Fun With My Family in Tennessee


fly fishing
Dad and I enjoy fly fishing in the Little River


My parents, niece Haydyn and nephew Tyler arrived last Friday evening, bringing a happy reunion for all!  Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t been too good since they got here, so we’ve mostly been watching it rain while taking a chance to get outside in between showers.  We were able to fish for while on Saturday which was a free fishing day for everyone here in Tennessee.


fly fishing3
Tyler having a ball fly fishing


Even though we didn’t catch anything, we all had fun trying and I was excited to try my hand at fly fishing in the Little River.


fly fishing4
Haydyn trying to catch a big one


After a while, the kids and I decided it was time to wade in the water and putting our imaginations to good use, built “Sunnyville”.  A miniature Funland where the sun always shines, and one can safely do things like go down waterfalls, float over major rapids and swim with sharks.


little river
Tyler and Haydyn with our mini Sunnyville


We’ve obviously had to spend a lot of time indoors, so we’ve played a lot of ping pong and built a variety of interesting creatures out of clay, and enjoyed a couple of movie nights in the basement.


wes siegrist
Wes, Tyler, Hadyn and Dad building clay creatures


Any picnic so far has had to take place on the back porch so we could stay dry!


rachelle siegrist2
Tyler and Hadyn with our “Kodak photo spot”


Yesterday we went into Maryville and did a little shopping, but mostly did a lot of laughing!  Haydyn and I thought these BIG animal head masks were pretty cool!


rachelle siegrist
Haydyn and me with our BIG heads!


Thankfully the forecast for the remainder of the week is looking much more promising for getting outdoors!  So tomorrow we’re heading to a nearby lake to spend the day kayaking which has everyone, including my Mom who was outvoted in the adventure of choice . . . Ha Ha!  We’re also planning to do some tubing, hiking, and more fishing during the week, and of course, a lot more laughing!

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Until Next Time . . . 

~ Rachelle



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