Here Fishy, Fishy

wes siegrist

We headed out early one morning this past week for a bit of fun in the kayaks, with friends Kit and Mike joining us.  Wes and I spent some time fishing, and while Wes caught and released about ten, I only had a couple of good bites.  Nonetheless, it’s always fun to “wet a line” even if you don’t reel anything in!  I must say Wes’ prettiest catch of the day was a beautiful brightly colored Sunfish.  As I paddled along, I was delighted to see lots of fish swimming below including several Smallmouth Bass, a huge snapping turtle and numerous Bryozoa colonies growing, ranging in size from tiny to enormous!


bryzoa colony photo
A grouping of amazing Bryozoa colonies


The Bryozoa reminds me somewhat of jellyfish, as they’re balloon-like and squishy to the touch, but thankfully they’re harmless and give no sting to anyone brave enough to gently feel them.  They only thrive in clean healthy water, so it’s always great to see them!


rachelle siegrist
Kit and I spot a river monster lurking in the water below!


After enjoying a peanut butter and jelly sandwich whilst sitting atop a big rock, it was time to get into the water.  So I suited up and did just that, swimming up to an area with several cascades and a small waterfall.  There I found the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a nice back massage, that was as long as I could stay there while pushing with all my might against the strong current!

rachelle siegrist swimmingWith soaring temps and no rainfall, the water has been really clear, making it nice for snorkeling as well.  I love snorkeling, especially with my wetsuit that keeps me from freezing, and never tire of exploring the underwater world!  It’s the strangest feeling to walk down the riverbank along dry ground leading through trees and bushes, before stepping into the water, then as soon as you put your mask and snorkel on and place your head into the water, it’s like you’ve been transported into a different universe.

rahelle siegrist2

Instantly you’re in another world, watching a variety of beautiful fish swimming all around you while feeling a sense of weightlessness as you swim along, floating above this submerged grand canyon-type landscape.  Time seems to stand still when I’m in the fishes’ world, and when I stand up and step onto dry ground again, it’s like stepping out of one universe back into another.  If you’ve ever seen the TV series Stargate, it’s very much like the cast in the show did, as they simply walked through the liquidy looking portal and found themselves in another galaxy or universe.  In the real world, it feels that easy as well, you just have to step from the shore into the water, and there you are . . . instantly in another world!

rachelle siegrist1


~ In The Studio ~

In the studio this week, we have both been having fun at the easels.  I am currently painting on an adorable squirrel sitting atop its nest, which I watched while visiting Homosassa Springs in Florida last fall.  I watched as it made several trips whilst carrying small branches and mouthfuls of leaves into its nest.  It had stopped for a wee break when we caught her in this cute pose.

cute squirrel painting

Wes is currently painting an immature White Ibis, which we also saw during the same trip to Florida, as it searched for tasty treats below the water, with its long, curved bill.

immature white ibis painting

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Until Next Time . . . 

~ Rachelle

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