Clear Green Water

rachelle siegrist kayaking

Blessed with a day of nice weather this past week, Wes and I jumped at the chance to get back on the water since we had gone a couple of months now without kayaking! Even though there was some sun, it was a bit chilly when we started out across the glassy surface of the water perfectly mirroring the surrounding mountainsides. After paddling a short distance, we rounded a corner taking us further from the road, and the world became very quiet. I sat there happily floating in my kayak, just listening to the sounds of birdsong. Occasionally a kingfisher would fly by whilst chattering the entire time, and soon the cry of a Bald Eagle nearby joined this beautiful symphony of birds, along with the calls of Blue Jays and Crows. I could almost feel myself melt with relaxation, while cares temporarily slipped away.

wes siegrist fishing

We picked out a nice sunny spot to eat lunch while blissfully floating and watching the shore where we had spotted evidence of beavers having been there. We never saw a beaver, but thought it exciting to think of the possibility! Peanut butter sandwiches gone, we headed up along the winding river. A couple of times I heard a frog sing and it delighted me to think of visiting them later this spring when they will be singing their songs, resulting in a beautiful chorus! We stopped for a chocolate break and for Wes to fish from the rocks for a while. So while he fished I walked along the shore and explored a bit. I located a small section of sand, and removing my flip flops, I stood barefoot in it, finding it very warm and most satisfying indeed! Walking a bit further, I found a most interesting rock, sculpted by the force of high water at times, and I thought from above it looked like I was flying over a miniature grand canyon! Upon getting down on knees to examine it more closely, and by looking at it from just the right angle down low, I imagined I was rafting down the river winding through this miniaturized version on the grand canyon! I noticed a wee shrimp-like critter in the larger pool of the miniature canyon enjoying having the amazingly clear water all to himself.


miniature grand canyon2

Eventually, we climbed back into our kayaks and were off, floating over unbelievably clear, emerald green water, watching as big boulders passed beneath us. “Oh . . . if only it was warm water!” I thought to myself, I would swim and swim to my heart’s content! But alas it’s not, so for now, I must continue to admire it from above. On the return trip, the smooth water had turned into choppy water which was white capping, sending water spraying up and over me with nearly every paddle.  Periodically I’d quit paddling, and just floated over the small choppy waves, thus feeling as if I was on a float at the beach. By the time we returned and were loading the kayaks into the van, we felt totally relaxed and thankful for a wonderful day on the water!


~  In The Studio  ~

Wes has been working on SAA business stuff this past week and working out in the yard on projects as well as in the greenhouse and in the garden. I’ve helped with some of the yard projects and have spent most of the remainder of my time at the easel, making more progress on my Black-crowned Night Heron painting, and starting another miniature as well.

black-crowned night heron painting by rachelle siegrist
My Heron painting in progress

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Wonders of the west mule painting by rachelle seigrist

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seaside international miniature art show

Brookgreen Gardens ~ Murrells Inlet, SC

Exquisite Miniatures exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens7

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Until Next Time . . . 

~ Rachelle


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