Pink Blossoms for Mother’s Day


pink peony photo

Have you ever seen a bee pee? Okay, I know this is a strange question, and I had never thought about it either before one afternoon this past week. I was sitting in my favorite green lounge chair on the front deck whilst enjoying the sun when a large gray cloud moved to the middle of the sky temporarily erasing the sun. As soon as it did, it became chilly and I noticed that several bumblebees had landed on the handrail and nearby bench.

bunny with pink flowers

I thought that like me, they too must be chilly. When the cloud moved further across the sky, revealing the bright sun once again, the temps instantly rose and my little bee friends took to the air. Watching them at close proximity, I noticed that at least two of them squirted out a wee amount of liquid immediately after taking off, much like a hummingbird does but thankfully on a much smaller scale. I was reminded that when you spend time out in nature, you’re bound to see and discover new things! So upon coming back into the studio, I asked Wes that very same question, “Have you ever seen a bee pee?” to which he, of course, answered “No“. He found my new experience quite interesting though.

We’ve seen our resident bunny several times recently, and its obviously the same one that’s been here for several years, as it’s not scared of us at all, but lets us pass by her when walking the trail, while she goes on about her business of eating fresh tender things. I happened to look out the window one morning recently, and there she sat, nestled underneath the pink blossom covered Azalea bush, looking like a setting straight out of a fairytale!

bunny photo

After being absent a couple of days, the sun returned yesterday, so I ventured out to my favorite chair mid-afternoon, to bask in the warmth for awhile. I sat there watching my little bee friends zip and zoom around me, occasionally diving into the rose blossoms next to me, and noticed that when they go inside, they flit their wings at a high rate of speed, making an interesting high pitch buzzing sound, whilst obviously collecting pollen. In no time my little Tufted Titmouse friend, Tinymouse, flew down and landed on my shoulder. She sat there for a minute while I asked her where she’d been and what she’d been up to, and as you can imagine it’s a one-sided conversation. She then flew to the top of my head, where she commenced gathering hair to take to her nest. Of course, she never pulls any out, but just ruffs up my hair while creating a bouffant do! Later that day, we were thrilled to see our resident black snake for the first time this past week, who hasn’t changed a bit, as she was striking her “cobra pose” to remind us who’s still boss . . . Ha Ha!

black racer snake photo
Our resident Black Racer named Sweet Pea

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Moms and Grannys, and especially to my own very precious mom, as well as my mother-in-law! On Mother’s Day, I’m always reminded of the print, “Mother’s Love” which was done from my painting many years back. We actually still have large and small prints available of it.

Mother's Love by Rachelle Siegrist
“Mother’s Love” – One of our available reproductions

~  In The Studio  ~

I’ve been painting on a surprise for my mom for Mother’s Day and her upcoming Birthday, so I’ll be sharing it with you next week. Wes actually spent time at the easel this past week and finished his miniature painting of a beautiful Blue Heron. We watched and photographed it while walking a trail with my dad during our visit to Florida during Christmas.

blue heron painting by wes siegrist
“Not A Blade Of Grass Moving” by Wes


~  See our miniature paintings in these shows this week  ~

Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC                                                                          Extended through the end of May

~ Currently Online Only, or By Appointment ~

The Art of the Miniature XVIII
May 3 – June 14, 2020: Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, PA

29th Annual International Miniature Art Show
May 2 – 30, 2020: Seaside Art Gallery, Nags Head, NC

15th Masterpieces in Miniature
May 2 – 30, 2020: Picture This Gallery, Alberta, Canada 

(Other shows have closed with upcoming exhibitions pending. Check the website for updates.)

Want to enjoy your special friend as a miniature painting?
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