Just Too Cute

cute squirrel photo2

Like so many of you, Wes and I are spending much of our time isolating at home, so we’ve had extra time to enjoy watching our critters. We’ve also added a few new features for their dining pleasure, such as the nice little table complete with a wee china plate, fork, and placemat. As you can well imagine I have had a ball watching and laughing at the squirrels eating off of it! It’s absolutely adorable to watch and even my Carolina Wren Peeps enjoys eating peanut crunchies off of the fine china! I have so much fun watching them all, when we’re out eating meals on our porches, that I hardly even miss getting to eat out at restaurants. I’m currently in the process of getting videos of them, so I can make a fun and hilarious short video of their wonderful antics so you can share in the laughter!

cute squirrel photo

While the squirrels bring the most laughter to our lives, catching a glimpse of any wildlife in our yard is always a treat! This week I spotted a new turtle to our yard, as she is much larger than our resident turtle, which has called our yard home for almost 20 years. Then, while walking our trail after lunch one day, we heard the birds and squirrels fussing like crazy and as we drew closer to the source of all this commotion, we happened to see a very small, beautiful King Snake wrapped around a small branch of a bush adjacent to the trail. Wes was greeted one morning this past week by a mother Black Bear and her two adorable wee cubs that were enjoying our mulberry tree. I’m also delighted to say that my shrews have returned as well, and join the lunch and supper crowds in secret garden while trying to grab a few treats for themselves. We always know they’ve come, as they make a loud shrill noise at the squirrels sitting too close to their entrance holes. Of course, this always makes the squirrels jump and look at the hole, like “What in the world is that!” It’s truly hilarious and adds to the already grand entertainment of it all!

land tarpin turtle

Since we don’t consider hiking trails in the Park a safe option presently with all the tourists, we decided to go walk a gravel road there one morning this past week. It was so nice to feel like I was hiking again and getting to walk through the woods, even if we did have to share it with cars passing us by. It’s been too cold to go snorkeling yet, but I’m looking forward to getting the chance in the near future hopefully!

Rachelle siegrist in Tremontjpeg

We went kayaking this past week and enjoyed having the water all to ourselves, which was wonderful indeed! Beautiful picture-perfect weather added to the delightful experience, as did the lack of wind, leaving the water as smooth as glass and most enjoyable for paddling! I’ve made a short video from several trips to different areas which I know you will enjoy! So “hop into my pink kayak” sit back and enjoy!

I want to wish all of you Dads a very Happy Father’s Day, and especially to my own precious Dad and father-in-law!

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3 thoughts on “Just Too Cute

  1. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    Ohhh my gosh did I ever enjoy that, what a pretty turtle!! . I especially love love loved the kayak ride, the exciting music in the last quarter of the video was awesome.

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