Where Dinosaurs Roam

rachelle siegrist

Wes and I managed to escape to the water a couple of times this past week. We went kayaking one morning and unbelievably the weather was in full cooperation and the water was as slick as glass! Friend Kit joined us since there was plenty of open space for social distancing and it was a dream to paddle on, drifting carefree beneath mostly blue skies. We reached one of our favorite picnic lunch spots and the water was a little warmer than last time, allowing me to brave wading around nearly waist-deep in areas while watching the fish swim below the surface of the crystal clear water. Minutes after pulling my kayak up onto the pebble-lined shore, I said to Kit who loves dinosaurs as much as I do, “Look there’s a dinosaur!” There, sitting atop a large rock was a T-rex to be exact, with mouth wide open ready to eat something for sure! Of course, being the big kid I am, I was thrilled and had to have a wee bit of fun while making a video of my dangerous find . . . so here it is, try not to be scared . . . Ha Ha!


I love watching all the fish and turtles swimming below while I’m kayaking along, and saw more bass, some really nice sized, this past time than I think I’ve ever seen there before. I was also able to see a couple of wee baby turtles as I slowly passed them, which is always a treat for me! Another day we found a secluded spot that was perfect for a bit of snorkeling and swimming, and a picnic lunch.

baby salamander

Since there was plenty of room for social distancing, friends Tom and Sharon joined us in enjoying our own little chunk of paradise for a few hours, and for the four of us, it made life feel like normal for a short while. The water was very cold even with my wetsuit on, but thankfully I finally mustered up enough courage to get in, and after the initial shock and regaining conscience (Haha), I was glad I did and had a ball watching all of the fish, including a few good-sized trout! A baby salamander joined me for lunch, sitting right beside me almost the entire time before quickly slipping underneath a rock.

wes siegrist snorkeling

Of course, our favorite spots here at home are the porches and watching all of the critters who come to join us for meals. The entertainment is always top-notch and usually leaves me with my sides hurting from laughing so hard! One of my favorite squirrels named Growlin’ came to hang out with me one afternoon for a short while. She talks to me quite often and we carry on full conversations, and although I have no idea what she’s saying, I’m sure it’s all good! She was in a talking mood that afternoon and was most cooperative in letting me not only get some really cute videos of her but talked through them all. I’ve put together this short video of her talking to me. So make sure you have your volume up so that you can hear her and get ready to laugh!

A museum hosting our Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition in the near future has asked for a video of us talking about painting our miniatures and discussing insights behind a few of the paintings in the exhibition. Since I love making videos I am quite excited about this and have started on a mini-documentary. I’m delighted that I finally figured out a set up that will allow me to take time-lapse videos of painting a miniature, so I’ll be incorporating sections of that in this short film as well. Of course, I’ll share it with you as soon as it’s finished.

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Sunlit Gray Jay painting by wes siegrist
“Sunlit Gray Jay” by Wes

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~ Rachelle

2 thoughts on “Where Dinosaurs Roam

  1. Hi Rachelle
    Always so interesting to read your blogs – especially when you discover dinosaurs. How are you and Wes getting on with the present situation. Claire and I are both working hard- she at one end of my flat and me at the other. I still paint at least 8 hours a day – currently painting a large trompe l’oeil of lawn bowling but recently finished 18 miniatures (only 1 a commission) including 6 of HenryIII’s wives plus the man himself x

    1. Hi Bill
      Thank you and I’m so glad you enjoy them. Yes, I thought the dinosaur discovery was particularly fun! It sounds like you both have it worked out to where you’re staying busy and safe! We mostly stay at home working and painting but have a few places away from the tourists, where we can get out or in the water and enjoy being outdoors while staying safe! I too have only had one commission thus far, but will be getting another as soon as the person is able to acquire the photos of the dogs.
      Happy painting and stay safe and healthy!
      Hugs 🙂

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