Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

rachelle & wes siegrist

Four score and seven years ago . . . Just kidding. It was actually thirty years ago this past Tuesday that Wes and I said “I do” whilst surrounded by numerous precious family members and dear friends. I can’t believe we’ve been married that long already, in so many ways it just doesn’t seem possible! There have been both good times and hard times, and here we are thirty years later, having made many great memories and weathered life’s storms thus far, as we continue to walk through life as best friends, hand in hand, ready to face whatever life brings us next. Although we spent our anniversary here in the studio while finishing our mini-documentary, we celebrated it out on the water later on in the week.

rachelle siegrist

I was thrilled to finally find a great swimming spot where the water wasn’t freezing cold and I was even able to swim without my full wetsuit! For well over an hour while Wes fished, I was in pure heaven swimming, floating, and watching the grass carp perform acrobatic feats nearby! They would lift their entire long bodies out of the water and dance along the surface using their tails just like a porpoise, and it was truly amazing to watch! They were beautiful too, with a bright yellow belly with hints of orange along their sides, and I could’ve remained there all day, blissfully swimming and watching the carp simply enjoy life! The water was extremely clear, so I saw numerous fish including several large bass, and this one who was hanging out in the midst of this massive school of small fish for obvious reasons.  Needless to say, he looked very well fed!bass

I was also delighted to see several large Bryozoa colonies thriving in several different locations throughout the day!


bryzoa colony

Later on, while peering over the edge of the kayak and watching the fish swim below, I saw this adorable baby turtle nearby, who swam right beside my kayak, allowing me to get some great video footage of him!

baby turtle

It was truly a wonderful day out on the lake and made it really feel like summer with being able to enjoy swimming for so long! One afternoon later in the week, we returned to a secluded spot on the river, where we were joined by friends Tom and Sharon once again. The sun graced us with its presence much of the time, which made it delightful for snorkeling! Of course, being in the river, I had to wear my wetsuit and chose to float atop my tube while sticking my face and arms down into the water. I know it may seem a little wimpy, but it’s a great way to be able to snorkel and swim while staying warm at the same time! There were lots of fish, and I especially enjoyed watching this group of chub minnows talking with one another as they took turns eating bits and pieces of leftover meat from several crawdad claws scattered on the bottom.

chub minnow

There were also numerous gorgeous Damselflies flitting about and I was able to get some nice photos and videos of them.


Speaking of damselflies and dragonflies, here’s the funny video of the dancing dragonfly as promised. I laughed aloud many times as I was editing and making it, and hope it brings you a bit of cheer and laughter too as you enjoy watching “The Dragonfly Boogie” . . . so make sure you have your volume up!

Next week I’ll be sharing our mini-documentary sharing some of our painting techniques as well as the history behind several paintings in our Exquisite Miniatures exhibition, I’ll also be posting installation photos of the exhibition currently at Shafer Art Gallery, and will share the link to our interview with a radio station there at the college.

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8 thoughts on “Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary

  1. Denise Horne-Kaplan

    Well that musical came out great. Sparkling clear water so pretty with all that lush green landscape. Thanks I enjoyed it 😊

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