Exquisite Miniatures At Shafer Art Gallery

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery1

Our Exquisite Miniatures Exhibition curated by David J. Wagner LLC, recently opened at the beautiful Shafer Art Gallery in Great Bend, Kansas. We finished our mini-documentary about painting Exquisite Miniatures, in time for the gallery to use it as part of their first-ever virtual opening, which went very well! Of course, it wasn’t like being there in person but was certainly still exciting and most enjoyable. I have a feeling that there will be more like this in our near future as well thanks to the coronavirus.

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery

Wes and I were recently interviewed by their radio station as well, which tuned out to be a lot of fun affording all partakers many laughs! You’ve heard the saying . . . “Its a small world” and such was the case with our miniatures being at this gallery. Wes seeing the name of the director Dave Barnes on a correspondence email replied to him, that he had a teacher in college with that very same name.

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery7

The director emailed back stating “That’s funny . . . I had a student in college with the name Wes Siegrist”. Well, it turns out that Dave was indeed Wes’ art professor in college, and one his favorites at that! So as you can imagine, it was a very happy reunion and they enjoyed catching up on what has happened over the past 32 years in emails as well as on the phone.

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery2

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery6

So here we are over 30 years later and his professor is seeing in person, the fruits of his labor. Needless to say, it was tremendously special to Wes and to myself, sitting there watching his college art professor excitedly talk about our miniature paintings there on display, during the virtual opening. So yes, sometimes it is a very small world indeed! If you’re a teacher or professor spending all those long hours preparing lesson plans and teaching and maybe sometimes you wonder how much you’re influencing your students, take heart and know that it may be more than you know!

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery4

Wes and I both would have loved for things to have been to where we could have attended the opening in person and spend time hanging out with Dave and to see the exhibition in person. But thankfully, they have graciously taken and emailed numerous awesome photos of the Exquisite Miniatures on display, and so I’m able to share all of them with you. So many thanks again to the Shafer Art Gallery for all of these great photos! Perhaps it will make you feel as it did us, almost like getting to see it in person.

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery3

Exquisite Miniatures Shafer Art Gallery5

Here is our mini-documentary about painting our Exquisite Miniatures, in which we share techniques, brush info, and insights into and behind many of the paintings that are or have been in the exhibition, so enjoy! There are also videos from The Shafer Art Gallery shared on our Facebook page.

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